Relaxed Glamorous Bridal Look

Are you a fan of relaxed waves in general? If so, this could be the perfect look for your wedding day!

  • Step 1

​Take clean blow dried hair, brush through and split in to neat side parting.

  • Step 2

Smooth smaller side with comb & secure hair with an elastic at the nape of the neck under opposite side (under larger side section of hair.)


  • Step 3

Hold straighteners vertically & curl the pony tail tightly. Ensure all hair is curled in the same direction.


  • Step 4.

Once curled, roll the hair up with your fingers and secure with a kirby grip. This gives a longer lasting style.


  • Step 5

Continue this process until whole head is pin curled ensuring curls all face the same direction.

  • Step 6

Once all the curls are cool remove pins slowly starting with the ponytail and working up.


  • Step 7

Smooth out hair gently after each layer using soft brush.


Hair & makeup by City Brides

Photography by Derek Christie

Dresses provided by Emma Roy Bridalwear.

Headpieces provided by LHG Designs

Flowers by Floral Ambitions 


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