It’s fair to say that over the years hair straighteners have developed a bit of a bad reputation. We’ve heard them be accused of drying out hair, damaging the hair’s structure and even causing breakage. Well, with Cloud Nine that DEFINITELY doesn’t have to be the case. We’re innovators or KINDER hair styling, and we care for MORE than just your hair.  

Take a look at the reasons we think you should upgrade your hair straightener, pronto!



We’re talking KINDNESS to your hair, but also to the PLANET. Waste electrical and electronic equipment is a growing problem. Each year, over 1 million tonnes of it is sent to landfill. While others have remained quiet on this issue, we’ve been taking ACTION that's making an IMPACT. For starters, we’ve introduced our innovative new IRON RECYCLING SERVICE. We’ll recycle ALL old Straightening Irons, regardless of the brand where they were purchased. And even though it’s a long way into the future, once your Cloud Nine Straightening Iron has reached the end of its life, we will recycle this too. To recycle your old Irons, click HERE. 


Did you know that your hair is as UNIQUE as your fingerprint? That’s why a ‘one size fits all’ approach to heat styling just doesn’t work. Despite this, most hair straighteners only have one heat setting. If your straightener doesn’t let you choose the heat, it’s probably time to change it! The Cloud Nine Original Iron has an AMAZING seven heat settings. This means if you have fine, damaged or limp hair, you can use a cooler setting to protect it. If you have course, thick, unruly hair, a hotter setting may work better at holding your style in place. Remember to always use heat protection when styling your hair – our DREAMY Magical Potion is PERFECT for protecting your precious strands and slashing drying time by up to 50%.


Do your hair straightener’s plates tug, rather than glide through your hair? This snagging could be causing you to lose hair, which is obviously not ideal! Each of your hairs is PRECIOUS and here at Cloud Nine we want to protect every single one! That’s why our plates undergo an exclusive infusion process, where vitamins and natural minerals found only in South Korea are baked into our plates over a 72-hour period. Thanks to this, our Irons emit Negative Ions, which lock-in moisture, seal the cuticle layer and MINIMISE DAMAGE to your hair’s natural structure.


If the plates of your straightener are damaged, rough or are coated in product, you may need to run the straighteners through your hair several times to achieve your desired style. In time, this will cause damage and dullness – two words we definitely don’t want to associate with our hair! Our unique Smart Technology intelligently functions to maintain your chosen individual styling temperature. This means you can style your hair in one single SMOOTH stroke, as heat is kept consistent through the plates. The result? The SLEEKEST, GLOSSIEST hair of your life.


Cloud Nine Original Irons come with a MARKET-LEADING 3-year warranty (when registered within 14 days of purchase). That means with Cloud Nine, you can have peace of mind and enjoy your product worry-free!

And there you have it. It can be difficult to know which hair straightener is the best for you, but we think we’ve shown you why Cloud Nine is the perfect choice – for both your hair, and the planet.

To read about our sustainability commitments, click HERE.

Header image: Hair by Mark Hayhurst

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