A boujee braid is a fierce festive look for any party or night out you have coming up over the next few months, and we know there will be A LOT.

In this how to we show you how to do a side plait using CLOUD NINE tools and fierce accessories to create a gorgeous, boujee braid.    

how to do a Side Plait

step by step

Step 1 – Using the CLOUD NINE Tail Comb to put a parting in

Step 2 – Apply Matrix Super Fixer product

Step 3 – Using CLOUD NINE Boar Bristle Dressing Brush smooth the hair back and secure into a low bun

Step 4 – Using a comb neatly lay down your edges following your hair line

Step 5 – Take out your hair piece and thread through a bobble to the centre then attach bobble to the bun

Step 6 – Section the hair piece into 3, plait and secure at the end with a bobble. To enhance your look apply hair charms of your choice

Step 7 - Fierce hair flip

the tools you need

Part, back comb, neaten up, create your look, your way using the CLOUD NINE Tail Comb.

Kinder to hair and kinder to scalp The CLOUD NINE Boar Bristle Brush is here for all of your glam needs this season.


Create endless party looks this season using the CLOUD NINE Evergreen collection.

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