We’ve come a long way since we started CLOUD NINE in 2009. We’ve seen the hair and beauty industry’s strive for perfection. And we’ve also seen its negative impact on people’s hair and their confidence. When we set up CLOUD NINE, we made a promise to never dictate one kind of beauty, instead celebrating and seeing all kinds of beautiful. Giving you the tools to feel beautiful in your own skin and always being kinder to your hair while you style.
At CLOUD NINE we create products that are always kinder to your hair, and you. Our carefully curated range of stylers work to be inclusive to all kinds of hair and style, without the unnecessary damage caused through heat or snag; looking after your natural beauty while you try out any kind of style. Launched by Professional Hairdresser and Pioneer Robert Powls, he set out to create hair stylers that were innovative, industry-leading, and always kinder to hair.

Robert noticed that the industry was no longer focusing on the quality of the materials. And he didn’t like the results. He created CLOUD NINE to develop premium products that brought the focus back to quality materials. That’s why all our products are created in South Korea, the only place in the world that has the hair healing mineral Sericite, which is infused into all of our Hairdryers, Irons and Wands.

At CLOUD NINE, we may be a global brand but we were born in Yorkshire and still call it the home of our HQ to this day.