ON CLOUD NINE Membership Terms and Conditions

ON CLOUD NINE is a No Lock In subscription service and not a hire purchase agreement. The appliance provided to you remains the property of CLOUD NINE for the duration of the subscription.


You can NOT sell or dispose of the device.


The ON CLOUD NINE terms and conditions constitute a binding agreement between you and Master Distributor Ltd. A breach of these T&C’s may result in (1) legal action against yourself (2) Formal collections processes being applied (3) The Non return fee being applied and damage fees applied.


You may end your subscription at any time by returning your device and informing the ON CLOUD NINE customer service team directly via this link. The subscription will only end when CLOUD NINE have received the device. Customers must provide proof that the device has been returned to CLOUD NINE.


If you fail to make a payment you must return the device immediately to CLOUD NINE. Failure to make a payment or return the device within 30 days will result in monthly billing continuing and or the no return fee being applied.


Acceptable evidence of the return of the device will be a valid parcel tracking number to the ON CLOUD NINE returns department and CLOUD NINE's receipt of the device. Cancellation of the subscription will only take effect upon receipt of the CLOUD NINE device.


Failure to provide evidence of the return of the device as set out above may result in (1) legal action against yourself (2) Formal collections processes being applied (3) The Non return fee being applied and an invoice created for the full retail amount of the device (4) Administrations charges and damage fees applied.

New Devices

A subscriber to ON CLOUD NINE is eligible to update their device after 24 consecutive monthly payments. A device refresh can be for the same product or a product of equivalent value. A customer does not have to refresh their device if they do not wish to do so. Products returned to CLOUD NINE will be recycled. The cost of returning the device will be the customer's responsibility.

Continuous Subscription fees

A subscriber to ON CLOUD NINE expressly acknowledges and agrees that CLOUD NINE is authorised to charge the customer the monthly subscription fee each and every month until the customer cancels their subscription and returns the device to CLOUD NINE as expressly outlined above.


ON CLOUD NINE is a monthly recurring subscription service and your nominated subscription fee is due each month for as long as you are in possession of the device. Any non-payment will become overdue and continue to accrue at the monthly subscription rate. Any outstanding balance must be paid in full in order to reactivate your subscription and will remain due in full until formal cancellation. An additional fee may be applied for non payment for processing fees.

Worry-free Warranty Policy

If your device develops a manufacturing fault we will replace it within 48hrs of receipt of the faulty product.


A subscriber to ON CLOUD NINE is entitled to one (1) replacement device every 24 months. The decision to repair or replace or terminate your subscription is at the discretion of CLOUD NINE. If your device is Lost, stolen or accidentally damaged you must inform the ON CLOUD NINE customer service department immediately. All stolen devices will only be validated with proof of a police report.

Lost, Stolen or Accidentally damaged Replacement fee

If the device has been lost, stolen or accidentally damaged you maybe eligible for a replacement product. A replacement product admin fee of £99.95 will apply. This fee is in addition to any subscription fees paid or due. Outstanding and overdue subscription fees will be added to the replacement fee. Replacement products supplied as a result of a replacement fee being applied may be refurbished devices.


Postage or shipping costs may be added. In the case where a replacement fee is not paid as a result of a product being Lost, stolen or accidentally damaged the non return fee will be applied.

On Cloud Nine Monthly Offers and Promotion Codes

ON CLOUD NINE subscribers will be eligible for exclusive monthly deals and content. A promotional code will be emailed to the email address used when setting up your ON CLOUD NINE subscription. These codes can be used in conjunction with the corresponding monthly promotion. Codes are once use only and can not be transferred to a third party and can be accessed through the account section of CLOUD NINE website. Breach of this policy may result in the cancellation of your subscription and any applicable fees being applied.


ON CLOUD NINE subscription service is a No Lock In contract. You are free to return your device at anytime. Please contact customer service for return instructions. Cancellation and damage fee’s may be applied. See a full list of subscription fees below.


ON CLOUD NINE subscribers are responsible for the costs and safe return of the device. Proof of postage and receipt of goods must be provided.

Subscription Fees

Monthly Fee (2 Products) On-time Setup fee (2 Products) Monthly Fee (3 Products) One-time Setup Fee (3 Products) Admin Fee if returned within 12 months Cosmetic or Minor Damage Fee Significant or Non-repairable damage Non Return Charge (2 Products) Non Return Charge (3 Products)










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