Frankie's Nine

Unique backgrounds. Unique hair types.
Each with an unstoppable story to tell.

Is there anyone with more iconic hair than Frankie Bridge? From THAT short pixie cut to her enviably shiny sharp bob, Frankie truly believes that when we look our best, we feel our best.

Just like Frankie, everyone’s hair has a story to tell. 

This year, she’s helping us bring together nine inspirational people from all walks of life. With all types of hair. To share their unique hair story with the world and inspire all of us to embrace our own individual hair journey. Together we’ll learn how to achieve healthier hair and feel unstoppable.

Get ready to join us as we meet Frankie’s Nine…

Image of Frankie Bridge in cream blazer sat on stool

Meet Frankie

Style icon. Loose Woman. Mum of two. Frankie knows what it means to be unstoppable. Whether it’s getting ready for the school run or getting glammed up for an action-packed awards show, over the last few years she’s found CLOUD NINE have always been on hand to help her create countless effortless looks without compromising her hair health. Having struggled with her own confidence in the past, and with plenty of hair styling secrets to share, she’s the perfect person to bring our nine together and help us open up the conversation.

Meet Tina

Meet Tina, a breast cancer survivor, regrowing her hair and confidence back after chemotherapy. Read more about her inspiring hair journey.
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Meet Adjoa

Meet Adjoa, a mum of two, sharing her post-partum hair loss journey to help other women rediscover their own confidence and unstoppable style.
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Meet Huji

Meet Huji, a busy mum of two, on a hair journey to embrace her natural grey hair as she enters peri-menopause. Learn more about her hair care journey.
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More coming soon.
" It has always been so important to me to use styling tools with a range of heat settings so that I can style at the healthiest temperature for my hair. That's why CLOUD NINE has always been my go-to. "
Frankie Bridge

Find your optimal styling temperature

After using the CLOUD NINE Temperature Calculator, Frankie discovered her hair type is 1B and she should be styling at 140 degrees. Now she's able to achieve the same styling results without causing unnecessary heat damage. Try it now and learn your optimal styling temperature for your hair type.

Frankie's Unstoppable Tools

Recreate your favourite Frankie Bridge hair styles with her go-to CLOUD NINE hair dryer, straighteners and more.


Check out @cloudninehair for more hair advice and behind the scenes from Frankie, as well as the latest trends and product drops.