Tina has spent the last few years regrowing her hair and rebuilding the confidence she lost after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021. Learning to embrace a new confidence and reinvent herself with a new hairstyle has motivated Tina to help and inspire others.

Here's Tina's story.

Rebuilding my confidence after cancer

I’m Tina, I’m 34 and I live in the Cotswolds with my husband James, our son, Noah, and our puppy, Autumn.

Styling hair has always been one of my passions. After losing my hair during my cancer treatment, it taught me new ways to embrace confidence and adapt my hairstyling to my needs.

I'm absolutely delighted to be working with CLOUD NINE to support other women who may be experiencing hair loss, or their own cancer journey.

Using the Temperature Calculator

Having spent the last two years on a hair growth journey, Tina's priority is caring for her post-cancer hair. She used the CLOUD NINE Temperature Calculator and found out her hair type is 2A and she should be styling at 130 degrees.

"When I used the CLOUD NINE Temperature Calculator, it told me I should be styling my hair at 130 degrees and I always used to style mine at 200 degrees. I was really surprised and absolutely mortified! I never knew I could get perfect waves without styling so hot."

Try it now to learn your optimum styling temperature for your hair type.

Where did your hair journey begin?

I've always had really thick, long, lovely hair, and I loved to do hairstyling tutorials. But my journey took a downhill spiral around July 2021 - I was 32 weeks pregnant and I was diagnosed with breast cancer. One of my biggest fears was losing my hair. I had the baby and started chemo within two weeks, and within a month my hair started to fall out. I went from having hair that I loved to suddenly being bald.

Where are you currently on your hair journey?

I'm confidently rocking a little bob which I absolutely love! Going from having a couple of inches worth of hair to now having a bob, I've managed to fully embrace it. It's taken two years after chemo to grow it to this length, but I'm super confident with my new look.

What challenges have you faced with your hair?

During my cancer treatment, not only did my hair fall out, my confidence fell out with it. I had to learn to adapt to styling wigs and headscarves to help my bald head - nobody tells you how cold your head gets!

How did losing your hair impact your confidence?

My hair was always my confidence. It was my identity and it was the one thing about me that I really did love. Losing my hair really stripped me of my confidence and I had to find new ways to be confident - whether it was wearing wigs, headscarves, or styling the little hair I had.

When do you feel most unstoppable?

I feel most unstoppable when I've had my hair done, I've got a gorgeous face of makeup on, an outfit that I enjoy, and I just feel put together. I feel like all the boxes are ticked. One time that stands out to me when I really felt unstoppable was when physically, I was probably at my weakest. I had no hair, no makeup, no eyelashes, no eyebrows. I felt unstoppable because I'd been brave and courageous and powerful, and I made it through a horrible journey.

What do you love about CLOUD NINE?

Now that my hair has grown back post-cancer, keeping it healthy is really important to me. I want to have healthy hair, but I also want to style without damaging it. With CLOUD NINE I can change the temperature on my straighteners and I've never been able to do that with another brand.

What piece of advice would you give to someone experiencing hair loss?

For someone in the shoes that I was in two years ago, who's either losing their hair or has just lost their hair, I would say have hope. The days might seem long, but the journey goes quickly. I didn't think I would be sat here with a little bob today telling my story, but here I am.

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