Our people

At CLOUD NINE, our people work tirelessly to live our fiercely kind mission every day.

Headed up by Martin and Gavin Rae, they’re driven to create a beauty brand that focuses on making people feel good, with products that are always Kinder to Hair.

"What inspires us at CLOUD NINE? Why do we do what we do? Because we care! We’re honest, inclusive and determined. We created CLOUD NINE because we love to make people feel beautiful. Not to focus so much on how you look, but how you feel. Because if a person feels good in themselves and they feel empowered, equal, stronger, relevant, important. And of course, confident, then we’ve achieved something worthwhile. We are trying to redefine beauty and the perception of perfection, to help to break down the stereotypical definitions this industry adopts. We embrace all kinds of beauty. And that is our CLOUD NINE story. To always be fiercely kind." – Gavin Rae