30 Hairstyles for curly, straight, wavy, thin, or thick mid-length hair

Whether you’re planning on getting a chop at the hair salon, or debating how to style your grown-out hair, mid-length hair is the most versatile – and stylish – hair length out there. From sleek straight locks to textured beachy waves, we’ve got 30 hairstyles to flick through, so you know what to ask for next time you’re sitting in your hairdresser’s chair.


  • Mid-length hairstyles for curly hair = bob, asymmetrical lob, layered curls, curly fringe, angled lob
  • Mid-length hairstyles for straight hair = straight lob, textured lob, straight side-parting, straight fringe, straight inverted lob, straight and blunt
  • Mid-length hairstyles for wavy hair = wavy lob, relaxed s-wave, wavy layers, asymmetrical waves
  • Mid-length hairstyles for thin or fine hair = blunt chop, romantic waves, softly curled ends, fringe, deep side parting, square layers
  • Mid-length hairstyles for thick hair = internal layers, textured layers, the bell cut, face framing fringe, side parting
  • Low-maintenance mid-length hairstyles = soft framing layers,  relaxed fringe, the Rachel cut, messy lob


While short cuts offer breezy lightness and long cuts give big cascading curls, there’s something special about medium-length curly haircuts. Collarbone-skimming and shoulder-grazing lengths can help you reach full ringlet potential. From layers to fringes, bouncy ringlets or springy coils, these natural curly hairstyles for medium-length hair are sure to give you fresh inspiration – whatever your curl type. 

Perfect for any face shape or curl type, the classic neck-skimming bob cut will frame your face, exposing your neck. The shorter the hair, the lighter and tighter your curls will be. Gorgeous.

Asymmetrical Lob
A lob, or long bob, is a collarbone-skimming look ideal for all curl types. By parting the hair off-centre, you can bring more hair over to one side for an edgier, less ‘polished’ look.

Layered Curls  
If you’re blessed with an abundance of thick, bouncy curls, then a layered cut could be the one for you. Designed to create a softer, more rounded look, this cut is often done once curls are fully dry to ensure the best shape possible. If you want to bring layers into your hair to
emphasize natural curls, the Texture Wand is for you.

Curly Fringe
Bring more allure to your curly hairstyle by having a fringe cut in. From bringing just a couple of curls down over your forehead, or sweeping a whole handful of curls forward, a fringe can give the impression of a fuller, bouncier style.

Angled Lob
Go for an inverted lob for ultimate style and sophistication. Cut slightly shorter at the back, this style allows you to show off your best curls as they drop down at the front of your face.


While long, sleek hair styles will always be a classic look, how about chopping off some length and going for a mid-length style? We’ve rounded up some chic and sophisticated straight hairstyles and share our top tips for adding volume and texture.

Straight Lob
The collarbone-grazing long bob is perfect for straight hair, especially if your hair lacks natural volume, as your hair will naturally flick as it touches your décolletage. Using a round brush, you could blow dry your hair to curve under your chin or leave it straight and sleek. Tuck one side behind your ear to give the impression of texture.

Textured Lob
Texture can be added to even the straightest of straight hair by having some layers cut into your hair. Layers can help frame your face – highlighting your eyes and cheekbones. You can also add texture and volume at the roots with some very light backcombing before setting with hair spray.

Straight Side-Parting
An easy win for a more interesting hairstyle is the side parting. Whether it’s your natural parting or not, push your hair to one side for a cool, edgier look. This is perfect if you have more hair on one side than the other – balance things out by parting your hair on the thicker side. The Original Iron Pro can help level up your style – you could even try a side-parted fringe for added elegance and framing.

Straight Fringe
A fringe is the perfect way to make your hairstyle more interesting, especially if you have straight hair that doesn’t hold curls or waves very well. Whether you opt for a short blunt fringe or a longer sweeping fringe, it will frame your face and bring out your eyes. The beauty of a fringe is you can experiment with different types as your hair grows – for example, pushing it to one side or parting it in the middle. The Mini Iron is the first choice hair straightener for fringes and shorter styles.

Straight Inverted Lob
The straight inverted lob is another gorgeous choice if your hair is so straight that it doesn’t have much natural texture or wave. Ask your hairdresser to keep your locks longer at the front than the back so give the impression of more volume and shape. For added drama, side-part your hair and leave one side longer than the other.

Straight and Blunt
For an edgy, chic style, ask your hairdresser for a blunt haircut. With all hair the same length, your hair will look polished and sophisticated, with minimum upkeep needed to keep it in style. Dial up the edginess with a blunt fringe too.


Whether we’re born with beautiful waves or create them using straighteners or heat-free methods such as braids, shoulder-length waves have never been more on-trend. Check out these gorgeous styles for your mid-length waves.

Wavy Lob
For a less bouncy, more tousled look, try a shoulder-length cut or grow out your bob ‘til your hair is touching your collar bones. Try a side-parting or tuck some behind your ear for that extra dimension.

Relaxed S-wave
S-waves are a more relaxed wave style, with mid-length hair being the optimum s-wave length as there’s just enough weight to elongate the wave. If your hair needs a helping hand to be wavy, try using straighteners to add curves to your hair – head to our styling guides for handy tips.

Wavy Layers
Chop in some layers for added ‘oomph’ and to create a bouncier, wavier look. Shorter layers take the weight off your hair, giving a bouncier wave, and longer waves can elongate – a mix of the two can create a more textured, beachy look.

Asymmetrical Waves
Give your waves more shape by asking your hairdresser for an inverted lob or an asymmetrical cut. By leaving longer waves at the front, they will frame your face and create a softer silhouette.


Fine hair can be flyaway or lack volume – either way, a mid-length style can be the perfect way to get the most from your hair. Our top picks for medium-length thin or fine hair will help you add life and volume to your hair, and give the illusion of thick, fuller locks.  

Blunt Chop
Give your fine hair the edge by opting for a blunt haircut. You could go all-out and have a fringe cut in too, giving the illusion of thicker hair. As long as the ends are blunt, some shape can be added to add shape and volume.

Romantic Waves
Curves and waves are a great way to give the illusion of more body to fine or thin hair, while also adding softness to your look. You can achieve this heatless curl methods such as braids or wrapping sections of your hair while wet or use a straightening or curling iron to add curl to your hair. Check out our styling guides for more tips for adding waves.

Softly Curled Ends
If full-blown waves or curls aren’t your thing, but you still want to add some shape to your fine hair, try using a hairdryer and round brush to add a curve to the ends of your hair.

From short and wispy to long and blunt, a fringe can add drama and texture to even the finest of hair. The best part about a fringe? If you love it, you can keep it trimmed to perfection, but if you grow it out, you can experiment with side or centre partings. If you don’t have much hair to begin with, a side fringe could be the ideal option. Fringes are great for ponytails, too.

Deep Side Parting
Give the illusion of a full mane by going deep with your side-parting. By pulling an extra inch of hair across, you inject volume at the roots and boost your silhouette.

Square Layers
By chopping into the hair around chin length, it’s possible to make fine hair look fuller. It can also give more shape and bounce to your hair if it’s got a natural wave to it.


If your mane is on the thicker side, cutting it to mid-length could be the perfect way to make it more manageable. Easier to wash, brush, and style. 

Internal Layers
Thick hair can be heavy, so asking your hairdresser to cut in some hidden layers can remove some weight from your hair without making it obvious. This works beautifully on straight or wavy hair.

Textured Layers
Layers are a great way to add texture and shape to thick hair and can remove weight to make it easier to style. The Texture Wand is ideal for enhancing natural curls that are loose at the root and tight at the ends.

The Bell Cut
The classic bell-shaped haircut is perfect if you have thick hair, as you’re able to create obvious volume at the ends of your hair. This style is perfect for a timeless, sophisticated look.

Face Framing Fringe
Add an extra dimension by chopping a fringe into your thick hair. It’s a great way to reduce the amount of hair around your face, while also adding shape and extra bounce.

For an extra volume boost, a side parting works wonders for the ultimate big-hair moment. Sweep your hair off to the side for maximum volume – if you’ve got it, flaunt it.


A mid-length chop is easily the most versatile hairstyle, whether it’s curly, straight or wavy. You can style it up, down or somewhere in between, and still be on-trend. Our final section is dedicated to the ultimate low-maintenance styles that require minimal styling effort and upkeep.

Soft Framing Layers
A layered hairstyle will naturally create shape around your face without the need for extensive styling or tools. Go for a centre parting and soft, graduated layers that will look effortlessly chic, whether you’ve run your fingers or a hairbrush through it. To create a layered look using the Airshot Pro, section your hair while blow drying, lift the roots for volume, and roll the ends under.

Relaxed Fringe
Go for an airy, relaxed look with a choppy fringe. A textured cut will require minimal straightening, and blend into the natural (or handmade) waves of your hairstyle.

The Rachel Cut
One of the most popular hairstyles of the 90s is having a resurgence, and we’re here for it. Ask your stylist for the Rachel Cut and you’ll get a long side fringe with curved waterfall layers. Perfect for framing your face, and a super low-maintenance style.

Messy Lob
Any style with the word ‘messy’ in its name is low-maintenance by definition. Add texture to straight hair using a textured styling cream or spray and scrunch gently. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, simply embrace their wildness.

So there you have it – 30 great mid-length hairstyles to suit everyone, whatever your hair type. From the timeless bob to the edgy asymmetrical lob, a straight look or tousled waves, there's a mid-length hairstyle to suit every face shape, texture, and personal style. Now go have fun.

For more Unstoppable style tips, head to our styling guides or share your beautiful mid-length hairstyles with us on TikTok, Instagram or Facebook.