Why we love the luxury texture comb

Three images of The Luxury Texture Comb - one on a desk surrounded by accessories, another being comb through brown hair and a close up image of the comb.Three images of The Luxury Texture Comb - one on a desk surrounded by accessories, another being comb through brown hair and a close up image of the comb.

It's the most GRAM'able hair accessory going. Did you know that The Luxury Texture Comb is one of our all-time favourite Styling Tools? 

As well as looking gorgeous, this tortoiseshell treasure comes in useful for just about any hair styling task. If you don’t believe us, then read on – we’ve got a feeling The Luxury Texture Comb is about to become your new handbag essential too!


Suffer from stubborn tangles and knots in your hair? Say goodbye forever with The Luxury Texture Comb! It smoothly glides through hair, leaving it sleek, chic, and tangle-free. For the ultimate easy detangling combo, try spritzing your damp hair with our Magical Quick Dry Potion before combing with The Luxury Texture Comb. Our Magical Quick Dry Potion really is a hair miracle. As well as detangling, it conditions, strengthens, and smells delicious.


The higher the hair, the closer to heaven. Get ready to say goodbye to flat hair days for good. Simply spritz the roots with our Amplify Spray, then tease the hair using the Luxury Texture Comb, and you’ll be left with head-turning volume. If you need a little help holding that bounce, how about using The O Heated Roller Set along with the Luxury Texture Comb?

Adding Condition and Shine

Self-care is high on our agenda here at Cloud Nine HQ, and we love nothing more than spoiling ourselves with a long hot bath and a decadent hair mask. Here’s a little hair hack to make your hair mask work harder – use our Luxury Texture Comb to distribute the product throughout the hair, covering every strand. This will ensure your hair is left conditioned, smooth, and tangle-free. If you’re looking for a new hair treatment to use with the Luxury Texture Comb, we love the ColorWOW DREAM COCKTAIL. It works a treat, AND it smells like a tropical holiday. What could be better?

Curl Care

If you’re blessed with natural curls, you may already know how useful wide toothcombs can be for taking care of every precious strand. If you didn’t know, then this knowledge might revolutionise your hair care routine. The Luxury Texture Comb is perfect for combing, separating, and defining your curls after washing. It may be tempting to use a brush for speed, but this can lead to unwanted frizz and flyaways. Plus, because naturally, curly hair is delicate and prone to breakage, gently detangling using The Luxury Texture Comb means you’re much less likely to damage any of your beautiful, bouncy curls.

Handbag Essential

Yet another thing we love about our Luxury Texture Comb is that it comes complete with its own chic velveteen carry pouch. This makes it perfect for storing inside your handbag, ready to prevent you from any hair emergency at any point in the day.  

Making Waves

We saved the best until last here. Our number one favourite way of using our Luxury Texture Comb is to use it to comb out tight curls, leaving luscious, loose waves. It’s absolutely perfect when paired with our NEW Micro Wand for giving the most natural-looking, bouncy curls we’ve ever seen.

Want to see it in action? Scroll below to see it being used by our style ambassador (and all-around hair guru), James Earnshaw!

As you can see, James uses our new Micro Wand to create tight, corkscrew curls. He then uses our comb to brush these curls out, giving a natural-looking, beautiful wave to the hair.

It may look like magic – but we promise it’s real!