A model with short wavy brown hair looking over her shoulder on a black background.A model with short wavy brown hair looking over her shoulder on a black background.



Upgrade your skincare routine with our range of CLOUD NINE beauty tools. Whether you want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, unclog pores, banish belmishes or improve circulation. We've got you covered. A professional range of skincare tools to help you feel unstoppable. #WeTheUnstoppable

Meet The Revive

Get a glowing complexion. Without going anywhere. The Revive Beauty Device can be used at home to massage your face and body. To lift, firm and improve the overall health and radiance of your skin.

" I've been using this daily for a week now and notice a difference in the deep inner eyebrow/forehead wrinkles for sure. "
Lillie-Mae Wagstaff

Meet The Redefine

Refresh your beauty routine. And your skin. With our Redefine Beauty Device. A uniquely shaped tool that can be used on the face or body to provide a nourishing, purifying and anti-aging treatment using EMS technology.

" Feel as though I saw a difference in the texture of my face within the first use. "
Octavia Gale

Meet The Rejuvenate

We’ve combined skincare technologies. For complete results. The Rejuvenate Beauty Device enhances your skin texture and muscle tone through its EMS, Red Light and Blue Light technologies. Working together to treat skin blemishes and breakouts for a breakthrough natural glow.

" I have been using this for a week and my face and neck feel firm and definitely tighter than before. "
Lizzie Bryan

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