Our widely anticipated Premium Collection has landed. After many months of research, testing and development, hundreds of customers are finally getting their hands on our collection of pink and white tools. Our premium collection is not just a pretty face, the technology behind our newest additions is pretty complex. Lets have a look at The Airshot Pro and The Original Iron Pro and how we’ve taken our already iconic technology and made it even better.

What's the science behind The Original Iron Pro?

The Original Iron Pro has been designed to style and straighten your hair’s health back to life. Featuring our innovative Kinder Styling Technology, this game-changing Iron includes the revolutionary Revive Mode for healthier, stronger, shinier hair with style that lasts.

When you get your hands on The Original Iron Pro, you will see a ‘revive’ button. Once the revive button is activated, the plates of the Iron will begin to vibrate at 8,000 times a minute. Not only this, but the temperature will automatically sit at 150°c degrees, these two features work to minimise friction and restore your hair’s natural health. The Original Iron Pro still boasts our Variable Temperature Control with heat settings which range from 100-200°c to ensure styling at lower temperatures without the unnecessary heat damage.

The Pro plates are infused with our signature healing mineral Sericite to seal the hair’s cuticle and lock in moisture for shinier hair every time you style. These Ceramic Mineral-Infused floating plates cushion the impact, minimising drag and friction on the hair to minimise split ends and breakage.


We’ve developed The Airshot Pro to reduce your time styling while being even kinder to your hair.

The Airshot Pro has an Eco-Precision Motor. This motor is designed to cut drying time by up to 50%. Excessive exposure to heat can cause damage to the hair follicle, making hair appear fatigued, dull and lifeless. Healthy hair follicles appear smoother and shinier.

The Airshot Pro radiates healing-minerals into the hairdryer airpath. These minerals contain properties that stimulate the natural renewal process and lock moisture into the hair. This helps to protect the hair from heat damage, so a healthy shine is retained. The Hairdryer comes with three heat settings, allowing you to select a temperature which best suits your hair type and style.

In laymans terms, your hair will dry quicker, and your electric bill will be smaller!

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