5 Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

Model showing a half-up half-down boho braid.Model showing a half-up half-down boho braid.

It’s summer, and not only does this mean that the season for moaning about the weather is here (will we ever be content?!), but it also means that Wedding Season is underway! Now, we know that the stress of the big day can turn even the most blushing of brides into Bridezilla, and it can often feel as though the to-do list will never end. Here at Cloud Nine, we’re committed not only to protecting your hair but also your sanity. That is why we’ve provided 5 heavenly bridal hairstyles for you – consider your to-do list reduced by one!


A half-do that certainly isn’t done by halves - this boho style provides all the summer wedding vibes you need! Use our Cloud Nine Curling Wand to create these gorgeous loose curls. The varied braid, from a classic three-strand to a fishtail is a modern twist we adore, and the delicate detailing of the flowers provides the beautiful finishing touches.

Model showing a half-up half-down boho braid.


Continuing with the flower theme, we love how versatile this style is! The combination of tousled waves and the upper section twisted and pinned into a subtle bouffant creates texture and lift that is perfect for even the finest hair – short or long! Romantic loose tendrils frame the face, softening the style for a relaxed wedding in the sun (fingers crossed!).

Model showing the half twist hairstyle on short brown hair.


This heavenly style exudes the elegance and glamour of Old Hollywood, and we love it! For the volume and glossy finish, our Cloud Nine Amplify Spray and Airshot are ideal, finished using the Cloud Nine Curling Wand.

Blonde model showing over the shoulder hollywood waves.


They say you can’t go wrong with a pony – and they’re right! This messy and tousled low pony is the best of both worlds – wear a full-length style while keeping it off your face. The wrap-around adds elegance to the old classic, and the tousled waves – which you can recreate using the Cloud Nine Curling Wand – add texture and volume. A look is as perfect for the altar as the dancefloor!

Blonde model showing off a low ponytail hairstyle.