40 On-Trend Men’s Long Hairstyles For Every Occasion

Welcome to our guide to mastering long men’s hairstyles, where we’ll be giving you a run-down of all the most stylish and on-trend haircuts for longer lengths. 

Whether you’re after a retro-inspired trim or an alternative look, these cutting-edge styles will take you from work to play and everywhere in between.

Read on to discover 40 of the most popular and trending men’s long hairstyles.



  • Men’s Formal Long Hairstyles = Slicked back man bun, pompadour with long sides, slicked back straight, slicked back waves, flowing curtains, the bro flow, sleek ponytail.
  • Men’s Casual Long Hairstyles = Messy surfer waves, bedhead, messy man bun, layered textured waves.
  • Men’s Modern Long Hairstyles = Messy curtains, wolf cut, soft mullet, the long flow.
  • Men’s Sporty Long Hairstyles = Scraped back with a headband, top knot with a headband, low bun with a side part, half-up man bun or ponytail.
  • Men’s Long Afro Hairstyles = Box braids, long box braids with fade, long cornrows, long micro dreads.
  • Alternative Long Hairstyles = French braid, Dutch braid, short sides and long on top, Viking braids, undercut.
  • Retro and Vintage Long Hairstyles =  ‘70s shag, ‘60s mod, ‘90s mod, mop top.
  • Long Hairstyles For Straight Hair = The middle part, long layers, straight and sleek.
  • Long Hairstyles For Curly Hair = Tousled mane, curly undercut, curly wolf cut, curly mullet.


Men’s Formal Long Hair Styles 

Long hair can be luscious and flowing, but it can also be unruly and tough to tame. You may be looking for ways to keep your long hair in check for formal events, special occasions, and the workplace. Try these styles for an effortlessly smart look.

1. Slicked Back Man Bun

Seen everywhere from the red carpet to the catwalk, the slicked-back man bun is a variation of the classic man bun style that’s smarter and sleeker – ideal for when you want to look your best. This style has risen in popularity over the past few years, with celebrities like Jared Leto pioneering the look.

It’s pretty easy to achieve too. To get your hair looking super sleek, spritz with Magical Potion to protect it from heat, then use the CLOUD NINE Wide Iron Pro to straighten. Brush back through with our Luxury Dressing Brush for maximum volume and shine, and secure into a bun with a hair bobble. 

2. Pompadour With Long Sides

The pompadour with long sides is a sophisticated style that takes the spotlight at formal events and special occasions. This elevated look takes inspiration from retro French hairstyles and leaving the sides long adds a modern twist. 

While it takes a little more styling to achieve, a long pompadour look is sure to turn heads. Spritz with Magical Potion to protect from heat, then blow dry with the CLOUD NINE AirShot Pro, creating volume using our Luxury Round Brush to shape and provide lift to achieve the pompadour’s signature height. Spray with a strong-hold hairspray to keep your style going all day (or night) long. To keep this style going even longer, try touching up with the Original Hot Brush.

3. Slicked-back Straight

Take inspiration from stars like Brad Pitt, who are rocking the slicked-back straight look. If your hair is already straight, simply slick it back with a gel or mousse product, using a comb to smooth it through and comb your hair back into shape.

If your hair is on the wavy or curly side, you may want to straighten it first. Spritz with Magical Potion to prevent heat damage. We recommend using the CLOUD NINE 2-in-1 Contouring Iron Pro, so you can use Revive Mode™, turn down the temperature, care for your hair, and still achieve the straight and sleek style you’re looking for. Then, simply slick back as per the instructions above.

4. Slicked-back Waves

Add a little wave to your look while still keeping things sleek. Slicked-back waves offer unique flare while maintaining that smart, formal vibe. 

To enhance your natural waves or create them from scratch, use the CLOUD NINE Curling Wand. Make sure to apply Magical Potion before heat styling to ensure shiny, healthy results. Brush through with our Luxury Dressing Brush to finish, and slick back with a moisturising, smoothing product to keep your long hair securely slicked behind your ears.

5. Flowing Curtains

The go-to haircut for ‘90s rom-com heart-throbs, flowing curtains are back. This soft, romantic style may look effortless, but that’s only the case if you’re lucky enough to have the perfect natural wave.

If you want to achieve the style and your natural hair is on more of the straight side, style as follows. Part in the middle, then blow-dry with the CLOUD NINE Airshot Pro, lifting the hair at the root using the Luxury Round Brush for volume and wave. The same effect can also be achieved with root-lift rollers such as our O Rollers. Wrap the lengths of your hair around the brush as you dry for the perfect flowing curtain look.

6. The Bro Flow

The bro flow is a mid to long-length layered haircut that, as the name suggests, flows backwards from the forehead. The result is a glossy, lustrous look that will leave you looking effortlessly suave. 

The bro flow is all about the cut. Once your barber has worked their magic, your styling effort is easy. Brush your hair backwards from your hairline with the CLOUD NINE Luxury Dressing Brush while blow drying with the Airshot Pro. Apply a small amount of holding wax evenly throughout the sides of your hair to maintain your style.

7. Sleek Ponytail

The sleek ponytail is a polished style that makes you look instantly well-groomed. As well as the smart and timeless look it creates, this style is incredibly practical.

Brush through your hair with our Luxury Dressing Brush to smooth to perfection, then brush back towards the centre back of your head and secure with a hair tie. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, you may need to straighten it with the CLOUD NINE Wide Iron Pro first.


Men’s Casual Long Hair Styles 

When you’re winding down on a weekend but still want to look good, these are the go-to low-maintenance styles to keep your long hair looking and feeling great.

8. Messy Surfer Waves

The beauty of this look is the fact that it’s so easy to create. Take inspiration from the classic Aussie surfer look, and scrunch some salt spray through your hair to perfect the effortlessly tousled vibe.

If your hair is naturally straight, you may need a helping hand. Try the CLOUD NINE Curling Wand, then let those curls drop for a more undone look, scrunching through with salt spray to texturise. Just don’t forget to spritz with Magical Potion beforehand, and use Variable Temperature Control to choose a healthy temperature for your hair. There’s no need to brush through for this one – that naturally messy look is our goal.

9. Bedhead

Do you ever wake up with your long hair sticking up all over the place? Embrace it – rock the bedhead style. Commonly seen on models both on the catwalk and in magazines, this devil-may-care look is a favourite of Robert Pattinson.

But don’t worry, you won’t need a celebrity stylist to try it out for yourself. Just roll out of bed and enhance your hair’s natural messiness with a texturizing spray, and the help of a round brush like our Luxury Round Brush, perfect for adding gritty volume and texture. With this style, there’s no such thing as a bad hair day.

10. Messy Man Bun

This has to be one of the easiest long hairstyles out there. It’s casual and quick to achieve, and its deliberately messy look is part of its charm. 

For this look, you don’t need any tools or products – simply tousle your hair, throw it up into a high bun, fasten it with a hair bobble, and adjust it until it looks perfectly imperfect. 

This one’s perfect for on the go or when you’re trying to squeeze in just one more day before a wash – just don’t forget the dry shampoo.

11. Layered Textured Waves

Take your styling to new lengths with this long and flowing look. Naturally textured waves give a casual look that’s ideal for showcasing healthy, well-looked-after hair. Layers add texture and interest and pair well with highlights that add further depth and dimension to long hair. Waves are also ideal for preventing long hair from looking flat or dull.

To achieve perfect, natural-looking waves, apply Magical Potion to prevent heat damage, then use CLOUD NINE’s 2-in-1 Contouring Iron Pro.


Men’s Modern Long Hair Styles

If fashion is your top priority, you’re probably looking for modern and trending ways to style your long hair. The following contemporary long-hair looks are trending on social media, and are sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

12. Messy Curtains

Remember flowing curtains? They’ve had a messy makeover. Think of it as a collaboration between that sleek and romantic style, and wild surfer waves. The finished look is tousled, sexy and effortlessly cool.

To achieve messy curtains, follow the instructions we’ve already laid out for creating flowing curtains, then mess it up a little. Brush through your waves, tease your roots, and add a texturizing salt spray. Use the CLOUD NINE Mini Iron to keep your messy curtains in check.

13. Wolf Cut

A wolf cut is an edgy, highly texturized haircut that resembles a grown-out mullet. While it looks effortless, messy and easy, this look requires the expertise of a skilled barber or hairdresser to achieve thanks to its complex layers.

The good news is that once your barber has transformed your hair, styling your new wolf cut will be a breeze. For the shaggy, lived-in look that’s typical of this trim, scrunch your fingers through your hair while blow-drying with the CLOUD NINE AirShot Pro. You could even use a texturizing product to help the process.

14. Soft Mullet

The mullet has officially made a comeback, but the brand-new incarnation is softer and more relaxed than its predecessors. Forget the harsh shaved sides that may come to mind when you initially think of mullet styles. This modern take is much more wearable and versatile.

The soft mullet also lends itself well to heatless styling, perfect for giving your hair a break. Simply add a texturizing spray or wax to damp hair using your fingers and mess it up a little as it air dries. Need to touch up in between washes? The CLOUD NINE Mini Iron is ideal for adding little twists and flicks for the perfect finish, every day.

15. The Long Flow

Remember the bro flow from earlier in this blog? Well, this style is just a longer, grown-out version that gives a more modern and casual look. 

Just like the bro flow, start by brushing wet hair backwards from your hairline with the CLOUD NINE Luxury Dressing Brush, at the same time as blow drying with the AirShot Pro. Since this look is longer, you may also want to enhance your waves with the CLOUD NINE Waving Wand. Its bigger barrel is great for achieving a natural look. Once perfected, apply a small amount of wax evenly throughout the sides of your hair to hold your style in place. Keep it neat in between washes with the help of the Original Hot Brush.


Men’s Sporty Long Hair Styles 

While we love to see long men’s hair flowing freely, there are times when it gets in the way. Whether you’re a keen athlete or just into casual exercise, these styles are ideal for keeping your long hair neat and tidy while you work out. From the big match to your daily jog, you’ll be looking and feeling your best.

16. Scraped Back With a Headband

You’ve probably seen this hairstyle being rocked by tennis players and famous footballers like Jack Grealish. That’s because it not only looks good, but it’s ideal for keeping longer hair out of the way when concentration is key.

To create this style, simply brush through your hair as normal – we recommend the CLOUD NINE Luxury Dressing Brush – then put all of your hair back in a thin elastic hairband.

17. Top Knot With Headband

Hair still getting in your eyes, even with a hairband in? Take it one step further to secure your long hair with a man bun and headband combo. This is the ultimate active style, but also looks great too. It’s even been spotted on Harry Styles and makes the ideal bad hair day look when your hair just isn’t playing ball.

You know the drill. Brush through, tie it back in a hair tie, and complete the look with a thin or thick hair band to secure any loose flyaways.

18. Low Bun With Side-Part

A fast solution to get your hair out of your eyes, the low bun with side-part is easy to achieve with any hair type. Ideal for low-maintenance long-hair styling, this quick style is timeless and practical.

Simply brush back your hair with the CLOUD NINE Luxury Round Brush and secure it with a hair tie at the nape of your neck. Now you’re ready to get active.

19. Half-up Man Bun or Ponytail

If you don’t want to tie back all of your long hair, a half-updo is ideal. Just brush back the front and top sections of your hair with the CLOUD NINE Luxury Dressing Brush and secure with a hair tie in either a ponytail or a small bun. 

This look is easy to achieve on the go and doesn’t require any tools or products. It’s practical for keeping your hair out of your face whether you’re playing sports or working out. Just remember to carry a hair tie with you.


Men’s Long Afro Hair Styles

There is a wide range of attractive styles for long afro hair, whether you want to look smart or achieve a more casual look. From braids to dreads, here are just a few of the many styles that suit longer-length afro hair.

20. Long Box Braids

Box braids are a super on-trend style seen on rappers and celebrities from A$AP Rocky to Snoop Dogg. While initially a popular style amongst women, they’ve recently crossed gender boundaries to become popular with men too.

To achieve this hairstyle, your stylist will divide your hair into small square sections and braid them from the root to the tip, creating a uniform effect.

As well as looking effortlessly cool, box braids act as a protective style, shielding afro hair from daily wear and tear.

21. Long Box Braids with Fade

Can’t decide whether to keep your hair long or go for a close shave? Why not do both? 

This style combines classic box braids with a shaved side look for a unique and modern finish. It’s adaptable, practical and versatile.

Long box braids with a fade come in lots of different lengths and designs, so show your braiding specialist some photos to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

22. Long Cornrows

Cornrows look great on long afro hair. There’s no shortage of reasons why they’re such a go-to choice – they’re a protective style, they keep your hair out of your face, and they require little maintenance between braiding appointments.

We recommend prepping your scalp for this look before your appointment, by showing it some extra TLC. Try a scalp oil or other moisturising treatment to nourish and hydrate. This will help to ensure your hair is as healthy as possible before styling.

Keep your long cornrows looking as fresh as the day you first got them by sleeping on a silk pillow, or using a silk head wrap at night to prevent friction. You can also hydrate with lightweight moisturising products to extend the lifespan of your cornrows.

23. Long Micro Dreads

Micro dreads or micro locks are a natural hair choice that can last a lifetime if treated properly. While they can be combed out to take the hair back to its loose afro shape, micro locks are intended for long-term wear, so are only recommended if you’re happy to stick with the same style for years.

This doesn’t mean this style isn’t versatile though. Because they leave the hair looking so full, micro dreads can be styled in a range of ways. Speak to your specialist stylist to learn more.

Micro locks are incredibly low maintenance and are great for keeping long afro hair healthy and stylish, with no bad hair days in sight.


Alternative Long Hair Styles

If you fancy something a little different that packs a punch, we’ve rounded up some alternative long hairstyles to give your long hair the ‘wow’ factor. From braids to Viking-inspired looks, go for one of these bold looks for an edgier style.

24. French Braid

Braids and plaits are a great way of tying your hair back to prevent it from getting in the way. Great for all hair types, whether straight – curly or somewhere in between – a French braid gives a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your look.

The key is to start with three small handfuls of hair from the top of the head and gather a little more each time you pass each strand into the middle.

Practice makes perfect, but once you master it, you can sport this braided look whenever suits you. Try your French braid slicked back and sleek, or go for a deliberately messy boho look by pulling a few strands loose around your face.

25. Dutch Braid

It’s not just the French who are the masters of braids. For a Dutch braid, take three sections in the same way as you would a French braid, but pass the sections under each other instead of over the top. Team with shaved sides for an edgier look. 

You could also opt for two braids for an alternative take on this style.

26. Long Hair, Short Sides

Long flowing locks on top paired with short shaved sides give the ultimate disconnected look. Sometimes called a Viking cut, this style is fantastic for standing out from the crowd. Style with a long beard for the full rugged rocker package.

Need to give the longer section of your hair some texture? Try using the CLOUD NINE 2-in-1 Contouring Iron Pro to add subtle waves.

27. Viking Braids

It’s back to the Vikings again for this artfully unkempt braided look. Team a variety of French, Dutch, fishtail and other braids with messy, textured waves and you’ll be fit to take a role in the next season of Vikings: Valhalla. A rugged beard is the cherry on top for this wild look.

This look is customisable, so ideal if you’re just learning different braiding techniques. Ask your hair stylist if you need a few pointers.

28. Undercut

An undercut is a subtle and versatile choice for men who want to keep their hair long, but still have many styling options. 

Undercuts are like two hairstyles in one. With the rest of the hair pulled up into a bun or ponytail, the undercut takes centre stage, providing an edgy finish. But if you decide you want to achieve a more subtle look on some days, you have the choice to simply let your hair flow freely over the shaved lower section, hiding it almost completely.


Vintage and Retro Long Hair Styles

They say fashion always comes back around, and when it comes to hair, the saying is definitely correct. From mod to glam, channel the stars of days gone by with one of these retro-inspired long haircuts.

29. ‘70s Shag

The shag haircut has been seen in many incarnations throughout the past few decades, but perhaps its most famous association is with the male and female ‘70s stars who made it their look, from Stevie Nicks to Mick Jagger.

If you’re looking to channel some ‘70s rocker energy, this layered and textured effect might just be for you. A heavy, wispy fringe and dishevelled overall appearance are iconic features of the style and can be helped along with touch-ups using the CLOUD NINE Mini Iron and texturizing products.

30. 60s Mod

Known originally as a ‘wings’ haircut back in the 1960s when it was popularised, what we now know as a ‘60s mod cut remained popular for younger men throughout the ‘70s. Nowadays, it’s experiencing a revival amongst fans of longer hairstyles.

Sleeker and neater than the later ‘90s mod cut (see below), this hairstyle’s signature is its heavy fringe and flicks at the end. While it’s low maintenance overall, requiring little to no heat styling and products, this look is a classic. Keep this style looking sleek from wash to wash with the help of the CLOUD NINE Original Hot Brush.

31. 90s Mod 

Like many things, the Mod Cut got a grunge makeover in the ‘90s. Perhaps most famous as the haircut of choice of Oasis front-man Liam Gallagher, the ‘90s mod cut is messy and choppy, unlike its neat ‘60s predecessor.

When going long at the sides and layered on top for this look, if your hair tends to be naturally straight you may benefit from a little touch-up styling using the CLOUD NINE Mini Iron and texturising products to get the most from your ‘90s mod cut.

32. Mop Top

This mussed-up style may appear incredibly contemporary, but it has its origins with the Fab Four themselves, The Beatles. 

While current incarnations of the mop-top look are less sleek and more textured, the mop top hair cut certainly retains its star power and continues to be seen in evolving forms on the red carpet.

It’s also easy to style since the aim is an effortless look. Simply apply texturising products to damp hair, scrunch through and allow it to dry naturally.


Men’s Long Hairstyles For Straight Hair

Are you looking to give your naturally straight long hair a boost? A lack of curl doesn’t have to mean a lack of style. The following long hair looks are ideal for adding interest to stick straight hair.

33. The Middle Part

Timeless and effortless, if the middle part is good enough for David Beckham, it’s good enough for us. This look couldn’t be simpler to achieve. Part your hair straight down the middle, and brush through with the CLOUD NINE  Luxury Dressing Brush for a sleek shine. Need some extra straightening power? Spritz with Magical Potion to protect from heat, then run the Wide Iron Pro through each section from root to tip.

34. Long Layers

Adding a few layers is a sure-fire way to ensure long straight hair doesn’t look flat or lacking in texture. Layering adds volume and dimension to the hair and is complemented well by highlights, whether natural or bleached.

Depending on your hair’s texture, long layers don’t require much styling either. Neaten up with the CLOUD NINE Original Iron Pro, or simply wake up, brush through, and go.

35. Straight and Sleek

While layers add texture, embracing your hair’s impressive natural straightness can look just as magnificent.

For this perfectly straight style, use CLOUD NINE’s Wide Iron Pro hair straightener – it’s perfect for styling longer, thicker hair faster. On the go and don’t have time to style from scratch? Run through your hair with the Original Hot Brush to keep things sleek.


Men’s Long Hairstyles For Curly Hair

So you’re blessed with flowing natural curls? Lucky you. Make the most of them with these stylish curly looks.

36. Tousled Mane

Take inspiration from Jason Momoa and let your long hair flow. It’ll take a lot of growing to achieve this look, but if you’ve got time on your side, this could be the look for you. Leave your hair to do its own thing for the ultimate relaxed vibe. Low effort. High impact.

37. Curly Undercut

We’ve already covered the undercut, but adding natural curls into the mix powers up this style to the max. The contrast between the shot shave and the curly top is extreme, but the look is rising in popularity and is the perfect way to showcase natural curls.

To maintain this look, you’ll need a close relationship with your barber, as your undercut will require regular shaves to stay fresh. As for on top, style your curls using your usual routine, and touch up with the CLOUD NINE Texture Wand to tighten any stragglers.

38. Curly Wolf Cut

Remember when we said the wolf cut is all about the texture? Well, it’s perfect for naturally tight curls. Let yours go wild with this tousled look. Salt sprays and texturizing waxes may come in handy for perfecting this perfectly imperfect style, but guys with natural curls won’t need to switch on the curling irons for this one.

39. Curly Mullet

A mullet is another style that really shines with added curl. If you don’t have the natural tight curls to pull it off, your hairdresser or barber might even suggest a perm on top to perfect that texture.

If you’re not comfortable committing to a perm, spritz with Magical Potion and use the CLOUD NINE Texture Wand to achieve the perfect tight spiralling look.

40. Long tight curls

Whether you’re naturally blessed with ringlets, or turn to a perm to achieve them, sometimes wearing them long and loose is the best way to showcase tight, spiralling curls.

To get the most from them, make sure you follow a curl care routine that works for you, such as the LOC method, or ‘Curly Girl Method’ – which can work wonders for men too.


Long Men’s Hair: FAQs

Which men look good with long hair?

All men can look good with long hair. With the right styling, growing out your hair can create some refined and stylish looks. While long hairstyles are commonly rocked by celebrities, actors, models and musicians, you don’t have to be a star to try it yourself. Simply take some inspiration photos to your barber or hairdresser, and start your long hair journey.

How old is too old for men to have long hair?

You’re never too old to have long hair. There is a long hairstyle to suit men of every age. Find the style that you feel comfortable with, and rock it. If you’re feeling apprehensive, we recommend starting with a mid to long-length style, such as the bro flow. If you love it, keep on growing. If not, it’s easy to head back to the barbers and book in for a trim.

How do I know if long hair will suit me?

If you’re not sure whether growing out your hair is worth it, there are a few ways you can test if long hair is for you. Some online tools use AR filters to superimpose longer hairstyles onto you using your front-facing camera. Another idea is to try on a wig before committing to growing your hair.

We recommend just going for it. After all, growing out your hair is a gradual process, and you can go for the chop at any time if you decide long hair isn’t for you.

How long is too long for hair on a guy?

There is no such thing as hair that is “too long”. If you love having long hair, keep growing it – however, we do recommend taking really good care to ensure it remains healthy and shiny.

This includes going for regular trims to remove any split ends and keeping your hair healthy with regular hair detoxes. To find out more about hair health, visit our 9-Day Detox page.


Grow it out 

There you are – CLOUD NINE’s guide to men’s long hairstyles. With so many styles to choose from, you’re sure to have found something to try next time you’re sat in the barber’s chair.

If you’d like some more inspiration about which style to go for, head to our socials to get involved: TikTok, Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to hear from you. For more Unstoppable style tips, head to our styling guides.