Create the ultimate party curls using The Original Iron. 

CLOUD NINE Ambassador Lisa Farrell shows you how to create gorgeous curls with a straightener. 

Curl hair with a straightener

Create beautiful curls and sought after texture and volume this Christmas with a straightener! Lisa has created a step byt step hair tutorial to show you the techniques, tips and tricks to mastering this skill...


1. Prepare the hair using The Magical Potion heat protection spray

2. Section the hair using the CLOUD NINE Croc Clips

3. Take small sections of hair and point The Original Iron downwards turn once and slide the iron don each section of hair for gorgeous full curls

4. Repeat this for the full head of hair, spraying each styled section with your favourite fixing spray to hold

5. Once the full head is complete comb through using The Luxury Texture Comb (which can be found in the Evergreen Original Iron set!) from root to end and shake the hair

6. When styling a fringe or around the face bend away from the face

7. Tease and seperate with the finger tips to create extra texture and a sexy, undone finish

For more hair tutorials and get the looks follow CLOUD NINE Hairstyles and CLOUD NINE YouTube.

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