It’s Christmas party season, which means plenty of festivities and excuses to get glammed up!

If you’ve exhausted the ‘straight and sleek’ or ‘big bouncy curl’ looks, why not give something new a try? Here we’ve given the humble ponytail a GLAM makeover, with DREAMY charms, beautiful texture and a gorgeous soft fringe. It’s PERFECT for mid-length to long hair, and it can be created in less than 15 minutes, leaving you more time for those Christmas cocktails!

We’d LOVE to see if you create this look for yourself – tag us in your pictures using #CloudNineHair.  


1. Start by prepping the hair with our Magical Quick Dry Potion. This hair HERO not only dries hair up to 50% faster, but it also softens, detangles and adds a silky SHINE.

2. Part your hair down the middle and brush it using a paddle brush. This Morocconoil paddle brush is great for smoothing the hair, reducing flyaways and leaving your hair super shiny!  

3. Grab Kela’s ball strand and open the clip at the top of the strand. Then, simply attach this to your hair at the root, somewhere in the centre.

4. Next, gather the hair into a low ponytail. If you have a fringe or shorter areas of hair at the front of the head, leave these loose.

5. Wrap a strand of your hair around the bobble to cover it, and clip this in place using a bobby pin.

6. Using our award-winning Curling Wand, curl the ponytail into loose curls. Our Curling Wand has a CULT following thanks to its super-smooth, mineral infused barrel which leaves you with GLOSSY, healthy looking hair.

7. Taking our ICONIC Original Iron, wave the front, loose areas of the hair away from the face.

8. Finally, spray the look with a generous amount of hairspray to keep it all in place! The KEVIN MURPHY DOO.OVER is perfect for this.

There it is – the GORGEOUS, GLAM pony of your dreams that is sure to stay in place, even throughout the most hectic of Christmas parties!

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