Fierce braids by the pool are a look!

Today we show you just how to achieve gorgeous braids that have been super popular with the girls in the villa using CLOUD NINE tools.


French Braids

step by step

Creating French Braids

  1. Brush through your hair using your CLOUD NINE Paddle Brush to make your hair knot free
  2. Part your hair down the middle into two even sections
  3. On your first side take a small section of hair (3-4 inches wide) separate this from the rest of your hair
  4. Separate this section of hair into 3 even sections with your fingers
  5. Start by plaiting a traditional braid by crossing the “right” strand over to the center. Then, cross the “left” strand from over to the center. Repeat until you've made a few rows of a traditional braid
  6. Work in new hair on each section, before crossing each section overtake some hair from the side of your head and include it in the cross over
  7. Keep the hair in your sections tight and continue to the ends of your hair and secure with a small elastic
  8. Repeat this on the second side of your hair
  9. For a softer braid pull your braids out slightly
  10. Add your favourite hair charm to elevate your look

*Top tip- This look can be done on wet and dry hair. Braid wet hair for beachy waves

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the tools you need

Kinder to your hair and scalp. Use your CLOUD NINE Paddle Brush to detangle and style.

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