We all have those days where no matter what we do, our hair is just feels a bit greasy. It can be due to a variety of things - prioritising an extra 15 minutes in bed over washing, a leave-in conditioner nightmare or trying to train your hair to last longer between washes. Whatever the reason, we hear your struggle, and we’re here to help!

With our style ambassador James Earnshaw, we’re going to show you how to use those oily roots to your advantage. We’ve created an easy, super CUTE, slicked-back low bun which we think you’ll love. It’s PERFECT for those days where you just can’t be bothered, but you still want to feel chic.


  • In our tutorial, James has washed our model’s beautiful hair, sprayed it with our Magical Potion and blow dried using our Airshot. If you’re trying this style to avoid washing your hair, then skip this step!
  • Spritz hairspray all over your hair for added shine. Using our Professional Paddle Brush, smooth the hair backwards into a low centre parted ponytail, leaving two strands free at either side of the head.
  • Secure the ponytail with string or ribbon – we LOVE this leopard print ribbon from Slip Silk!
  • Then, use the ends of the string / ribbon to tie the hair up into a funky bun. Pin the bun in place with hair grips if needed. 
  • Add some slides to the back of your hair to add an extra level of SOPHISTICATION.
  • Run our Original Iron through the hair that’s not in the bun to give it some shape and texture.

And, there you have it - you’re done! Now you’re ready to rock this easy, ELEGANT hair style – and nobody needs to know that it all started with oily roots.

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