Braids have been a stand out style in the villa this year.

Millie and Liberty join us in the beach hut to show us how to create a sassy straight look with braids using CLOUD NINE tools.

sassy straight with braids

How cute are Millie and Liberty together for their tutorial??

step by step

Creating French Braids

1. Brush through your hair using your CLOUD NINE Boar Bristle Brush to make your hair knot free

2. Part your hair down the middle into two even sections

3. On your first side take a small section of hair (3-4 inches wide) separate this from the rest of your hair

4. Separate this section of hair into 3 even sections with your fingers

5. Start by plaiting a traditional braid by crossing the “right” strand over to the center. Then, cross the “left” strand from over to the center. Repeat until you've made a few rows of a traditional braid

6. Work in new hair on each section, before crossing each section overtake some hair from the side of your head and include it in the cross over

7. Keep the hair in your sections tight and continue for a few sections and secure with a bobble

8. Repeat this on the second side of your hair

*Top tip - For a softer braid pull your braids out slightly

Sassy straight hair with The Original Iron Pro

1. Lightly mist the CLOUD NINE Magical Quick Dry Potion over the hair

2. Section the hair using the CLOUD NINE Croc Clips

3. Set your CLOUD NINE Original Pro Iron onto Revive Mode

4. Run the irons through your hair from root to tip, on each section place your CLOUD NINE Boar Bristle Brush on the underside of the hair for tangle free styling

*Top tip - Using the Revive Mode on the Iron will maintain your style for longer whilst restoring your hair’s natural health

the tools you need

True magic in a bottle. Speed up your drying time and protect your hair with our Magical Potion. Prevent frizz and flyaways, protect against heat damage and provide hair with conditioning kindness.

Get Liberty's gorgeous silky, soft, shiny hair with The Original Iron Pro with innovative Revive Mode!

Kinder to your hair and scalp. Use your CLOUD NINE Paddle Brush to detangle and style.

Selfie Ready 😍

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