The CLOUD NINE 9-Day Detox

Day 3: Hair Detox Routines

Feeling defeated by damaged hair? Want to switch up your regime, but stuck on where to start? The CLOUD NINE 9-Day Detox is here to help you fall in love with your locks again. Follow our simple step-by-step routine and feel empowered as the scalp-supporting benefits take shape. Let’s be unstoppable, together. 

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Mathilde Heather is a hairstylist and salon owner operating in Bath, UK. She specialises in short hairstyling and regularly shares tutorials about how to achieve healthy, great-looking hair. Follow Mathilde on Instagram.

Today’s Task: Refresh with a Rinse

1. Rinse your hair with a diluted apple cider vinegar to clarify and balance the scalp.

2. Follow with a hydrating conditioner (such as Living Proof Triple Bond Complex) to neutralise the vinegar scent.

3. Allow your hair to air dry for a natural look.

What you’ll learn:

  • How do I know if I need a hair detox?
  • Best ingredients for a hair detox
  • Best products for a hair detox
  • Step-by-step hair detox routine
  • Post-detox care
  • How often do I need to detox?
  • Key takeaways

How do I know if I need a hair detox?

There’s nothing quite like knowing your hair is at its healthiest and happiest. 

If any of these signs appear, it’s time to get your clean on:

Your scalp is irritable and itchy

Felt the urge to scratch more recently? That’s an indication of scalp inflammation, which can come from product buildup and clogged follicles. It’s also common amongst dry shampoo fiends, so if you love to give your roots a spritz, it’s probably time to kickstart a hair detox.

Your hair feels oily

On the other end of the spectrum, many people suffer from oily hair. This could be down to overstimulated sebaceous glands in your hair follicles. These are vital for protecting your skin from dryness, but they can become easily clogged with product residue and sweat. A thorough cleanse is key for keeping sebum at a healthy level and grease at a minimum.

Your hair looks dull

With seasonal changes, exposure to environmental pollution and little time to detox, you’ll probably notice your hair looking a little lacklustre from time to time. That’s perfectly normal. Hair detoxification helps to remove excess buildup and promote shinier strands – no time-consuming daily regime necessary.

You’ve got dandruff

Don’t flake on your itchy scalp. If you’re noticing more dandruff and discomfort than usual, it’s time to give your hair some TLC. While several different factors cause dandruff – such as infrequent washing with a prescribed shampoo by a hair professional or Trichologist, or clogged sebaceous glands –a regular hair detox can help to banish flaking and rebalance the scalp.

Your scalp has an odour

If you’ve ever experienced an unpleasant smell coming from your hair, you can rest assured it’s more common than you think. Sweating, product buildup (yep, that again) and under-washing your hair can all lead to smelly hair. Incorporating a hair detox into your wellness routine can help ensure your locks smell fresh for days to come.

Best ingredients for a hair detox

You can find many of the ingredients for an effective DIY cleansing treatment in your local supermarket for a refreshingly affordable price. Here are just a few of our favourites*.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a holy-grail product for hair lovers – and for good reason. Its antibacterial benefits create more vibrant and voluminous hair, remove dandruff, and unclog hair follicles. Keen to give it a go? Simply mix with water and apply to freshly washed hair before rinsing out.

Baking soda

This kitchen staple can support the scalp's pH balance by removing dandruff, dirt, and product buildup for rigorous exfoliation. Enter shiny, protected, and perfectly cleansed hair. 

Bear in mind - baking soda can be drying on some hair types, so it’s best to do a test first to see how it works for you.

Aloe vera gel

Loved by natural beauty enthusiasts and hair experts alike, aloe vera is a powerful skin soother brimming with vitamins A, C, and E. It’s also ideal for gently removing buildup, and rebalancing the scalp. Work the gel into your hair and leave it to soak for 30 minutes to an hour. Rinse off with a detox-friendly shampoo and enjoy your gleaming locks.

Sea salt

Just like skin, sometimes all your hair needs is a good exfoliation to take it from limp to luscious. Sea salt works to gently scrub the scalp of dead skin cells while protecting it with an abundance of minerals to condition your strands. Plus, its cleansing properties help to control excess sebum – an essential step for clearing blockages and stimulating healthy hair growth.

Lemon juice

This natural acid is not to be underestimated. Lemon has been used for centuries to promote shine and restore the hair’s pH balance. The clarifying benefits make this citrus a must-have addition to your detox routine – just mix it with water and spritz it onto your hair for vibrant results.


Considered the golden nectar of all things natural beauty, honey is a natural humectant. This means it can draw water from the air and seal the moisture into your hair – promoting stronger, healthier strands. Add a whole host of hydrating and anti-inflammatory benefits to the list, and honey is a no-brainer for boosting all hair types. 

* It’s important to carry out a skin patch test on either your forearm or behind your ear to check you’re not allergic to these ingredients prior to using them on your scalp and hair.

Best products for a hair detox

There are plenty of products available to give you a helping hand in your hair health journey. From exfoliating treatments to silicone and paraben-free shampoos, choosing a solution that suits your hair and needs just got easier. Our top picks include:

Cleansing treatments

Cleansing treatments can give a salon-worthy detox at home. Available in both chemical and physical form, they’re used to gently exfoliate the scalp and rid the hair of residue. Use one every couple of weeks and you'll soon notice a gleaming difference.

Detox-friendly shampoos

Navigating the back of a shampoo bottle can be pretty confusing. But take our word for it: it’s well worth the effort. Opt for clarifying, cleansing varieties formulated without harsh silicones, parabens or sulphates. These will give your follicles space to breathe while ensuring an effective hair wash.

Hair masks

Hair masks have ramped up in popularity over the last few years; partly because they’re a relaxing act of self-care, but also because they deliver beautiful results – even on a budget. Whether you want something that will hydrate, exfoliate, or deeply nourish, it’s worth analysing your hair type before investing. You can even go ahead and make one at home. 

Scalp tonics

Leave-in treatments are a surefire way to make your detox work harder. Scalp tonics in particular come with great beauty benefits; from stimulating the hair follicles for healthy hair growth to providing a deep moisturisation hit that soothes and nourishes dry scalps. 

Check out our guide to the Best Hair Detox Products.

Step-by-step hair detox routine

Ready to kickstart your hair detox routine? We’ve got the agenda covered. Follow these simple steps once every two to three weeks to discover the benefits of hair cleansing.

Step 1: Start by giving your hair a thorough brush. This will ensure all tangles are teased out while helping to remove dead skin cells. Simple and effective. Try our Luxury Dressing Brush for the best results.

Step 2: Now it’s time to lather up with your detox shampoo of choice. Massage the product into your head before rinsing well with lukewarm (never hot) water. 

Step 3: Next, go ahead and apply a detox-friendly conditioner to your hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends to lock in moisture and reduce frizz. You can also use a detangling brush at this stage for extra smoothing power.

Step 4: Once you’re out of the shower, maximise the benefits of your hair wash with a scalp tonic. Work a few drops into the hair and keep excess debris well at bay.

Step 5: Let your hair air dry or use the cool setting on your hairdryer to speed up the process. The CLOUD NINE Airshot Pro’s Variable Temperature Control feature is ideal for finding a healthy heat for your hair.

Post-detox care

As much as we wish one detox could redeem years of hair damage, the fact is - all healthy hair journeys require constant work.

Our best advice? Embrace the process, own your wellness routine, and most of all: be patient. You’ll see the benefits sooner than you think.

  • Keep up with split ends - Don’t let split ends ruin your hair game. Book regular trims to maintain the condition of your new, healthier hair.
  • Avoid styling with high temperatures - Dial down your hair styling tools to a low heat setting to protect your hair, minimise damage, and maximise shine. We recommend our Wide Iron Pro Styler for its Revive Mode, which offers low-temperature, high-impact styling results.
  • Keep it conditioned - Nourishing conditioners free from parabens and sulphates are perfect for sealing moisture in. Include as part of your regular washes to level up your hair repair. 
  • Opt for detox-friendly styles - Being on a detox doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Get creative with low-heat styles and your hair will thank you in the long run. 
  • Eat the rainbow - Beauty comes from within, which is why staying hydrated and eating a diet rich in nutrient-dense foods is key for promoting healthier hair. 
  • Sleep on silk - Your hair deserves the best, day and night. Our Silk Pillowcase offers a bedtime routine that’s kinder to your hair, with soft, breathable 22 momme silk to keep your tresses cool and smooth throughout your sleep.

How often do I need to detox?

The frequency of your hair detox regime depends on your individual hair needs and current routines. If you’re a product fiend and can’t go two days without washing, you’ll want to aim for a detox every two to three weeks. If you consider yourself lower maintenance, you can look forward to a monthly hair pamper.

Hair detox routines: key takeaways

  • Knowledge is power - Spotting the signs that you need a detox will help you feel truly connected to your hair’s needs.
  • Results take time - Don’t be disheartened if you don’t see immediate progress – stay persistent and your hard work will pay off. 
  • Being creative is part of the fun - Make a DIY mask using cupboard staples as part of your new self-care regime.
  • Choose detox-friendly products - Keeping buildup to a minimum means using chemical-free products is key. Always read the label to ensure you’re making a wise choice for your hair. 
  • What you do in between counts -Being conscious of how you treat and maintain your hair between cleanses is all part of the journey. You’re doing great – so stick with it!

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