50 On-Trend Men's Short Hairstyles

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to men's short hairstyles, where we explore the coolest and trendiest men’s cuts. Check out our pick of the crops below, where we'll highlight the best and most on-trend short haircuts, ranging from timeless classics to cutting-edge styles. Whether you're aiming for a polished look for the boardroom or a laid-back vibe for the weekend, we've got you covered with the latest and greatest in short men's hairstyles. 


  • Men’s short hairstyles – key terms = fade, taper, taper-fade, shape up, undercut, disconnect
  • Men’s short straight hairstyles = mid taper fade, regulation taper fade, bald taper fade, taper fade comb over, Caesar taper fade, slicked back undercut
  • Men’s short wavy hairstyles = mid taper fade, crew cut taper fade, undercut taper fade, textured blowout with tapered sides
  • Men’s short curly hairstyles = low taper fade, mid taper fade, burst taper, mullet
  • Men’s short hairstyles for very thick hair = taper fade with quiff, styled undercut, textured French crop, Pompadour
  • Men’s short messy hairstyles = fringe taper fade, crew cut, short taper fade, spiky
  • Men’s very short hairstyles = triple zero, high and tight buzz cut, buzz cut with shaved lines
  • Men’s short hairstyles for afro hair = taper fade, locs with fade, clean classic fade with shape up, natural locs, twisted high top
  • Men’s short grey hairstyles = Pompadour with taper fade, textured quiff, French crop, side part with a fade, disconnected undercut
  • Men’s short hairstyles for receding hairlines = slicked back, crew cut, taper fade, buzz cut, mid fade with spikes
  • Men’s short hairstyles with stubble = textured blowout with tapered sides, Ivy League, buzz cut
  • Men’s short hairstyles with short beard = side part, Pompadour, high and tight brush-up, buzz cut with hard-line disconnection
  • Men’s short hairstyles with long beard = taper fade, undercut, high fade combover



Before you sit in the barber’s chair, it’s worth knowing what to ask for. Below you’ll find a list of terms to help you get the style you want:


Graduated from very short to longer lengths, a fade is usually on the back and sides of the head, blending different lengths smoothly.


Similar to a fade but works with longer lengths, a taper blends the back and sides into longer hair on top using a combination of clippers and scissors. 

Taper fade

Combining fade and taper techniques, a taper fade allows hair to graduate from very short to a significant length on top, often paired with an Ivy League style (side parting) or Elvis-style pompadour.


A shape-up style is achieved by precisely cutting along the natural hairline to create a straight, well-defined line, as seen on Drake.


Traditionally, the undercut involves cutting the back and sides short while leaving longer hair on top, but now commonly refers to any style with shorter sides and longer top.


The disconnected style means having two different lengths of hair without blending, such as a disconnected undercut with short sides and longer hair on top.



Men with straight hair have it easy – wash, blow-dry, style, and go! But even straight hair has its challenges – it can appear dull and lifeless. Discover the best haircuts to add volume and style to your hair with these quick tips.

1. Straight mid taper fade

The mid-taper fade offers the style of a fade while giving a balanced look. Starting mid-way up the sides of the head, it gradually shortens towards the cheekbones, making it ideal for thicker hair. Style in a ‘quiff’ style off to one side for a cool edge.

For the ultimate blow-dried quiff, use a hair dryer like the CLOUD NINE Airshot. With a range of air speeds and Variable Temperature Control, you’re in charge of the heat. Style with a barrel brush like our Luxury Round Brush for maximum volume and shine. Always spritz your hair with a heat protection spray like our Magical Potion to protect your hair before applying heat.

2. Straight regulation taper fade

The regulation cut, inspired by the military, offers a practical and low-maintenance style with a short length and side parting. For a modern touch, pair it with a taper fade.

3. Bald taper fade

Wondering how a taper fade works for a bald look? With ultra-short hair on top, a high taper fade distinguishes it from the bare sides, resulting in a sleek finish. It's low maintenance and perfect for summer, letting your style shine through clothing choices.

4. Straight taper fade comb over

The taper fade comb-over offers a cool twist on a classic style, exuding professionalism and sophistication. Ideal for transitioning from medium to shorter hair lengths, it's a perfect choice for naturally thick hair. Need to tame the hair on top to keep this style looking fresh? Keep the CLOUD NINE Mini Iron with you for quick touch-ups.

5. Caesar taper fade on short hair

The Caesar haircut, a classic choice for short hair, features a short, blunt fringe brushed forward to cover the hairline. Ideal if you have straight or textured hair, it looks great with a taper fade to boost the cool factor. For extra hold and smoothness, brush through with the CLOUD NINE Original Hot Brush when styling.

6. Slicked back undercut on straight hair

For a youthful and trendy look that's low-maintenance, go for the slicked-back undercut with shape around the edges of the hairline. Left long on top with faded sides, this look is great if you don’t mind a few extra minutes in front of the mirror. 

For extra smoothness, run a straightening iron through your long top section. Apply a heat protection spray like our Magical Potion first, then use the CLOUD NINE Original Iron by tilting the straightener towards the back of your head to add a curve to your hair for the perfect finishing touch.



Wavy hair has a certain rugged charm. Whether beachy or neatly tousled, wavy hair can be styled in loads of different ways but may take longer to style, depending on the look you’re after. Check out these wavy styles below.

For looks that are long on top, go for a blow-dry look using a round brush like our Luxury Round Brush and a hair dryer with Variable Temperature Control like the CLOUD NINE Airshot

7. Wavy mid taper fade

The mid-taper fade offers a stylish yet relaxed look. Great for thicker or wavy hair, this style needs minimal upkeep. Simply touch up the texture with the CLOUD NINE Mini Iron.

8. Crew cut taper fade on wavy hair

The crew cut is a straightforward, practical hairstyle with short hair kept close to the head, longer at the front, and gradually tapering at the back and sides. Paired with a taper fade, it’s the perfect low-maintenance style.

9. Undercut taper fade on wavy hair

Embrace your inner Arthur Shelby with an undercut that combines a longer top with short sides. When paired with a taper fade, it exudes a casual vibe. Use clay for texture or a pomade for a slick top section.

10. Wavy textured blowout with tapered sides

If you have wavy hair, a blowout is just the ticket. Use the CLOUD NINE Airshot Pro to achieve this salon look at home, then simply run your fingers through with a bit of product for a casual yet polished look. Tapered sides are key, especially if you're blending facial hair with your short style.



Whether you're looking for a polished yet effortless curly look or something bold and expressive, a mid taper fade or mullet, we've got you covered.

11. Curly low taper fade

Go for a low taper fade to create a subtle transition in hair length, starting near the ears and maintaining a neat look. This style blends naturally and offers versatility, going with various hairstyles like side parts and pompadours.

12. Curly mid taper fade

The taper fade adds structure to curly hair, requiring minimal styling for the shortened sides and back. While low-maintenance and professional, the curly taper fade gives you cool contrast between the short sides and curly top, giving a fresh look.

13. Burst taper on curly hair

For an edgy take on the taper haircut, go for the burst taper. Unlike traditional fades, this style features short hair around the ears and neck, with longer hair at the back creating a burst effect. It’s not as low maintenance as some other hairstyles, so you may have to visit your barber a bit more regularly. Worth it though.

14. Curly mullet

The mullet is officially back, and a curly mullet will help you make a statement. Ask your barber for a longer top and back, with a skin fade at the temples. Bring some curls forward for a cool silhouette. 


Styling thick hair can be challenging due to the volume, which means the right haircut is crucial. A good styling routine will help you maintain your look and prevent frizz. For that sleek blow-dry look, use a hair dryer like the CLOUD NINE Airshot. With a range of air speeds and Variable Temperature Control, you’re in charge of the heat. Style with a barrel brush like our Luxury Round Brush for maximum shine. Before applying heat, always spritz your hair with a heat protection spray like our Magical Potion.

15. Taper fade with quiff on thick hair

The quiff is not only timeless but ageless too. Perfect for showing off your thick hair, it can be paired with a taper fade to achieve a cool, clean-cut look.

16. Styled undercut on thick hair

The undercut remains a top choice for men with thick hair and is about as trendy as it gets right now. Perfect if you’re blessed with a full head of hair, whether slicked back, to the side, or a blend of both.

To give the top section an extra zing of cool, add a wave with a straightener like our CLOUD NINE Original Iron. Spritz with a heat protection spray like our Magical Potion first, then run the straighteners through a section of hair, tilting them at the end to add a curve.

17. Textured French crop on thick hair

Perfect if you’ve got thick straight hair, all you need to pair with this style is a bit of medium-hold texturising cream or clay. For wavier hair, keep it shorter with a choppy cut to keep the style for longer.

18. Pompadour on thick hair

Mastering the pompadour may take a bit of practice, but once achieved, it becomes effortless. Apply a heat protector spray like our Magical Potion, then use a round brush such as the CLOUD NINE Luxury Round Brush to blow dry sections upwards and backwards. The CLOUD NINE Airshot Pro is the perfect tool for this look. Complete the look with hairspray for a polished finish.


Creating the ultimate messy hairstyle is about striking a balance between effortless cool and curated style. Embrace your hair's natural volume and waves while avoiding the ‘just rolled out of bed’ look for a cool and casual look.

19. Messy fringe taper fade

For those seeking a standout look, the fringe taper fade offers a unique blend of style and ease. This combo merges the convenience of short hair with the artistic flair of a fringe, whether it's a French crop or asymmetric style. Tame your fringe with the CLOUD NINE Mini Iron - ideal for styling shorter hair.

20. Messy crew cut

The go-to choice for low-maintenance style, the messy crew cut requires only a simple crew cut on top and a taper fade on the sides. It's effortlessly achieved and maintained with a little bit of clay to add texture.

21. Messy short taper fade

For shorter hair, achieving a messy hairstyle is easy. Apply wax or a matte styling product to add volume, resulting in a textured finish that's both sharp and rugged. Maintain a polished look with a shorter taper fade to keep your style your hair grows.

22. Spiky hair

This one’s great if you have naturally wavy hair as you can leave your hair to do its thing with minimal interference. Ask your barber for a mid-taper fade and leave lots of length on top. Achieve that effortless spiky look with the help of the Mini Iron - no one will be any the wiser that it’s not your natural hair texture.



Super short hair doesn’t need to be boring. There’s a surprising number of styles and techniques that can keep your very short style fresh and exciting, whether through texture, colour, or playful styling. 

23. Triple zero

The Triple Zero buzz cut, named after the blade used, offers a near-bald look, ideal if you have thinning hair. Your barber will achieve a smooth, stubble-free finish by using a foil shaver, but it’s an easy DIY one to maintain at home. 

24. High and tight buzz cut

This variation of the skin fade buzz cut, known as the ‘high and tight,’ features a blend that rises higher, around temple height, creating a sharper look. The top is clipped, with the back and side starting above the ears with a triple 0 guard, and gradually fading up to achieve a smooth blend around the temple.

25. Buzz cut with shaved lines

Add a hint of personality to your buzz cut by asking your barber to shave some lines it at the side. You could even go for something bolder and have a pattern shaved in. The only downside to shaved lines is that you may need to nip to the barber more regularly to have them redone.



If you’re embracing the LOC (or OLC) method, often tailored for type 4c curls, going for a short style can save time and effort on styling. Low-maintenance, low-manipulation styles like the skin fade cut offer both coolness and ease while keeping your hair healthy.

26. Taper fade on afro hair

The afro taper fade gives a neat and polished appearance by reducing hair weight around the ears and at the nape of the neck. Opting for a lower fade typically enhances the overall look, ensuring a seamless blend between the afro and the tapered sides. 

27. Locs with fade

Short locs exude cool, especially when teamed with a tapered skin fade or disconnected fade. Whether neatly styled or slightly rugged, locs provide texture and character, and provided you look after them with a good moisturiser, they are pretty low maintenance too.

28. Clean classic fade with shape up

Keep it simple with a classic tapered fade with some shaping around the hairline for a slick, cool look. Great for type 4 curly hair, this look is super low maintenance and perfect for any occasion.

29. Natural locs

Patience is a virtue with this look. Naturally formed or freeform locs take a few weeks or months to lock in, but once formed, they are low maintenance and extra cool.

30. Twisted high top

This is a great one for versatility, although you’ll need regular trips to the barber to maintain the faded sides. It works with naturally formed or braided locs of any length, especially if you’re planning to grow out the top section. 



Whether you're embracing the signs of ageing or dealing with premature greying, grey hair is nothing to hide. It signifies wisdom and resilience, marking your journey to the top. Own it by rocking a quiff or pompadour, or if you prefer to conceal it, go for a skin fade or buzz cut.

31. Grey pompadour with taper fade

Celebrate your greys with the pompadour and tapered fade combo, striking the ideal blend of youthfulness and maturity. Ideal for mature men with some volume to spare, it's a stylish way to show off your silver hair. Keep your pompadour’s signature volume with the help of our Airshot Pro hairdryer.

32. Grey textured quiff

The short, textured quiff remains a timeless men's haircut. Its effortlessly cool brushed-up style is perfect for showcasing ash grey hair. Achieve this look with a hair wax for textured and lifted styles. Go the extra mile with a blow dry using a round brush like the CLOUD NINE Luxury Round Brush and a hair dryer with Variable Temperature Control such as the CLOUD NINE Airshot Pro.

33. Grey French crop

The minimalist French crop is perfect for showing off a grey hair colour palette. With minimal styling needed, it's a low-maintenance haircut that effortlessly showcases your grey. You could conceal early greys at the temples by opting for a very close skin fade at the sides.

34. Side part with a fade on grey hair

For a dapper, timeless look, go for a mid or high fade with side parting. Leave the fade natural to highlight the salt-and-pepper tones of your side part, creating a cool, sophisticated look. Keep your side part haircut looking sleek by running the Mini Iron through it to smoothly straighten.

35. Disconnected undercut on grey hair

The disconnected undercut offers volume and an edgy dimension for a stylish, bold look. Its messy yet controlled and works well with hair that’s longer on top. The sides are shaved and the top left longer top to show off your silver hair, creating a next-level look. This style can take some sculpting. Use the CLOUD NINE Airshot Pro and our Luxury Round Brush to inject volume and height.



Dealing with a receding hairline can be daunting, but fear not! We’ve got the best hairstyles that cleverly conceal your hairline, creating the illusion of fuller hair at the front. Go for a forward-swept fringe or longer top with a side parting. Alternatively, embrace the buzz cut for a sleek, confident look.

36. Slicked back

The slick look with a taper fade is a go-to for receding hairlines or thinning hair. Short sides and longer fringe create a hip push-back style, hiding bald spots and deeper hairlines. Style your fringe to perfection using the CLOUD NINE Mini Iron.

37. Crew cut

Sometimes simple is best. Opt for a simple crew cut to cleverly camouflage a receding hairline, offering a clean style with minimal upkeep. Keeping the length the same across your head will help to integrate any thinning areas, shifting focus towards your face.

38. Taper fade

The taper fade is a trendy style where your hair length gradually tapers from the top down the sides and back. This design naturally draws the eye downwards, away from the hairline, hence subtly camouflaging any signs of receding hair. Magic.

39. Buzz cut

Eliminate your receding hair line by getting rid of all your hair. Depending how much of a ‘fuzz’ you want, there’s different buzz cut lengths. A number 1 (or zero) removes all the hair on your scalp, whereas a 7 or 8 leaves around 2.5 centimetres of length.

40. Mid fade with spikes

A tasteful spike is a top choice for receding hairlines, especially for straight hair, as it adds volume at the front. Pair it with a high fade for a dynamic look that increases in length at the top.



From rugged masculinity to polished sophistication, we’ve got a range of different short hairstyles to perfectly complement your beard, whether you’ve got the beginnings of a five-o-clock shadow or a full-blown hipster beard.

Men’s Short Hairstyles with Stubble

41. Textured blow-out with tapered sides

Create a windswept, tousled look by blow-drying hair with your fingers, using a hair dryer like the CLOUD NINE Airshot with Variable Temperature Control. Apply pomade or wax from root to tip for texture and movement, achieving a natural, effortless style. The perfect accompaniment for a light beard or stubble.

42. Ivy League

Ideal for curating a refined look, the Ivy League style (sometimes called the Harvard Clip or Princeton), pairs wavy locks on top with sharp sides and a side-parting. It’s a great look if you have an angular jawline or square face. Subtly sculpt your waves with the Mini Iron for best results.

43. Buzz cut with stubble

The buzz cut is possibly the easiest style for both you and your barber (you could even DIY), but you’ll need regular trims to keep up with the style. Simply run the clippers around your head and beard, keeping it all the same length. Done.

Men’s Short Hairstyles with Short Beard

44. Side part and short beard

The timeless side part is ideal if you have soft, fine hair. You could go for the same length all over your head, possibly with a slightly longer top, then blow dry the top section across your head with a hairdryer like the CLOUD NINE Airshot and a round brush like our Luxury Round Brush. Always spritz your hair with a heat protection spray like our Magical Potion before heat styling.

45. Pompadour and short beard

Taking inspiration from the King himself – Elvis Presley – the pompadour is the epitome of cool. Paired with a short beard and kept extra long on top, this look can be achieved with a straight blow dry. Check out the Airshot Pro hair dryer as the ultimate tool for the job.

46. High and tight brush-up and short beard  

If you want to team your beard with a no-frills haircut, go for a high and tight brush-up. Ask your barber for a high skin fade and keep some length on top to style upwards. With no parting needed for this one, it’s the ultimate low-maintenance style.

47. Buzz cut with hard-line disconnection and beard

This look is clean, edgy and low-maintenance. Go for a buzz cut across the top, then a close skin fade at the sides. Ask your barber to shave a line between the two hair lengths for a sharp finish.

Men’s Short Hairstyles with Long Beard

48. Taper fade and long beard

A taper fade isn't just for a clean-shaven look – it enhances a beard's ruggedness while adding polish. It works well for formal occasions, like weddings, as it offers a balanced blend of cool masculinity and sophistication.

49. Undercut and long beard

Pairing an undercut with a long, thick beard creates a modern, edgy look. Aim for two or three inches of hair on top, contrasting with a buzzcut on the sides to achieve this style.

50. High fade combover and long beard

A well-shaped beard can boost any haircut. For a slick, cool appearance, pair a high fade with a side-swept long fringe. This classic look complements a mid-length beard, blending sophistication with sleekness. Keep your style fresh with regular grooming and trims.



What short hairstyle suits a 50-year-old man?

Age is just a number – the best style is the style that makes you feel good. We would recommend a classic side-part hairstyle. It's timeless, versatile, and adds a touch of sophistication. It works well with various hair textures and face shapes, and can easily be styled for both formal and casual occasions.

Which short hairstyle will suit me?

Choosing the right short hairstyle depends on various things like your face shape, hair texture, and personal style. However, a universally flattering option for most men is the classic crew cut. It's low-maintenance, neat, and works well with different hair types and face shapes. If you prefer a bit more length on top, you could go for a textured crop or a side-swept fringe for a modern twist. 

What’s the most popular short hairstyle for men?

The ‘Peaky Blinders ’-inspired undercut has surged in popularity among men recently. It offers a bold and edgy look and can be achieved with pretty much any hair type. Its low-maintenance nature is really popular as it requires minimal styling. However, depending on the tightness of the fade, you may need more regular trips to the barber to keep up with it.

What styling products should I use on men’s short hair?

For men's short hair, there are several styling products to consider depending on your desired look and hair type:

  • Pomade: Ideal for creating a slick and polished hairstyle, pomade offers a medium to high hold with a shiny finish. It works great with classic styles like pompadours and slicked-back looks.
  • Wax: Wax gives a flexible hold and a natural finish, making it work for textured and tousled looks. It's great for adding definition and separation to short haircuts.
  • Clay: Clay offers a matte finish and a stronghold, making it perfect for creating messy and textured hairstyles. It adds volume and thickness to your hair while allowing for re-styling throughout the day.
  • Gel: Gel provides a stronghold and a wet or shiny finish, making it ideal for sleek and more structured hairstyles. It's best for short haircuts that require maximum hold and control.
  • Cream: Hair cream offers a light to medium hold with a natural finish, making it ideal for adding moisture to curly hair. It works well for casual and effortless looks.
  • Sea salt spray: Perfect for achieving a beachy and textured look, sea salt spray adds volume and enhances natural waves in short hair. Use it to create a relaxed and tousled hairstyle.

How can I curl my short men’s hair at home?

It’s not just the barber who can add curls to your hair. A curling wand such as the CLOUD NINE Texture Wand can create tight curls – particularly cool with a tapered skin fade and left long on top. If you’re after a wavier look, go for the Waving Wand. All our wands come with Variable Temperature Control, putting you in charge of the heat you put on your hair. If you’re unsure which temperature to run the styling wand at, head to our Temperature Calculator.


Go for the Chop

There you have it – CLOUD NINE’s guide to men’s short hairstyles. There’s something for everyone – whether you’re looking for low-maintenance cool or a look that requires some extra time in front of the mirror. 

If you’d like some more inspiration about which style to go for, head to our socials to get involved: TikTok, Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to hear from you. For more Unstoppable style tips, head to our styling guides.