Low-Maintenance Hairstyles For Every Hair Type

When life gets busy, you still want your hair to look its best. Cue our ultimate guide to low-maintenance hairstyles, where we’ll cover effortless stylish hairstyles for every hair type. Whether your hair is sleek and straight, bouncy and curly, or tousled and textured, we've got you covered. Say goodbye to hours spent styling and hello to chic, fuss-free looks that will keep you looking fabulous with minimal effort. Join us as we explore a range of hairstyles that are as practical as they are stylish, ensuring you can rock a fabulous hair day, every day, without the hassle.

79 low-maintenance HAIRSTYLES

  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for fine or thin short hair = inverted bob, textured bob, shaggy bob with fringe, pixie, choppy bob
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for short thick hair = lob, asymmetrical blunt bob, pixie with fringe, bob with side fringe
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for short curly hair = side part bob, pixie, undercut, stacked pixie
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for short wavy hair = pixie, asymmetrical pixie, bob, asymmetrical bob
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for short straight hair = asymmetrical bob, classic bob with curtain fringe, inverted bob, pixie, pixie mullet
  • Low-maintenance short hairstyles for round faces = bob with side-parted fringe, textured crop, asymmetrical pixie
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for mid-length fine or thin hair = flicked ends, medium cut with layers, textured lob
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for mid-length layered hair = symmetrical face-framing layers, textured lob, choppy shag
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for mid-length thick hair = sleek lob, highlighted waves, face-framing layers 
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for mid-length curly hair = centre part, side part, curly fringe
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for mid-length wavy hair = textured waves, U-shaped cut, inverted lob, choppy layers with fringe
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for mid-length straight hair = lob, centre part with waterfall layers, side part
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for long fine or thin hair = centre part, soft layers wispy fringe
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for long thick hair = butterfly cut, highlighted waves, curtain fringe, blunt fringe
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for long straight hair = long layers, centre part, long fringe
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for long curly hair = side part, bouncy fringe, straight fringe
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for long wavy hair = centre part, deep side part, soft curtain fringe
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for fine curly hair = pixie, inverted bob, short bob
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for thick curly hair = side-parted lob, fringed lob, pixie with burst
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for fine wavy hair = bob with layers, lob with long fringe, messy chop, pixie
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for thick wavy hair = centre part, inverted lob, choppy fringe
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for frizzy hair = half-up messy bun, half-up braid, messy bun
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles for coily/4C hair = box braid, twist, Bantu knots



Short haircuts are not only on-trend but also super convenient if you prefer a simple styling routine. In this section, we'll showcase a range of chic and effortless short hairstyles that take minimal effort to maintain. Whether you're rocking a pixie cut, a bob, or a cropped style, we've got the perfect low-maintenance options to keep your hair looking fabulous without the fuss.

Short, Fine or Thin Hair

Whether you’ve always had fine hair, or your hair has become drier and more delicate due to menopausal hormonal changes, it poses challenges beyond frizz or dullness – it's the lack of volume that's the real challenge. It's not about having less hair but rather thinner strands, making it difficult to maintain lift and style. Opting for a trendy shorter haircut can combat this, so look no further than our pick of the crops.

When using heated styling tools on fine or thin hair, it’s best to use a heat protection spray like our Magical Potion. Also, choose heated styling stools that have Variable Temperature Control such as our 2-in-1 Contouring Iron Pro. For an added wave, try the CLOUD NINE Waving Wand and check out our Temperature Calculator to choose the optimum heat setting for your fine, delicate hair.

1. Short inverted bob

An inverted bob is ideal for fine hair as it adds volume and body. Go for an inverted bob that gently curls towards your face to create a flattering shape. To add a burst of volume, gently backcomb at the roots after drying and styling, and run your fingers up through your hair to watch the layers fall. Simply gorgeous.

2. Short textured bob

A chin-length bob is a great short hairstyle for fine or thin hair, especially if cut quite bluntly. This gives the illusion of more hair and helps to frame your face. For a textured style, scrunch dry if you have naturally straight or wavy hair.

3. Short shaggy bob with fringe

A fringe is a great way to frame your face if you have fine hair. Styled to be quite wispy, it can add a softness to a short hairstyle such as a bob. We recommend keeping the CLOUD NINE Mini Iron around to handle essential fringe touch-ups.

4. Short pixie cut

The pixie is an ultra-short short crop with super short sides and a slightly longer top and fringe, exuding femininity and class while accentuating your bone structure. Style with a short side-parted fringe and embrace the elegance and low-maintenance styling of this chic style.

5. Short choppy bob

The choppy bob is especially perfect if your hair has changed post-menopause and you’ve chosen to let your natural greys shine through. Trendy and low-maintenance, the bob not only looks chic but also keeps your hair healthy and lets you embrace the natural texture of your hair.

Short Thick Hair

Thick hair can be a joy to style, offering envious volume and texture. In this section, we'll explore a range of short haircut ideas that celebrate the natural density of your hair, whilst keeping the style simple and easy to maintain.

If you’re on the lookout for your next go-to styling tool, check out our 2-in-1 Contouring Pro it’s ideal for styling thicker hair. Its curved plates help you to straighten and wave your hair, and Variable Temperature Control puts you in charge of the heat. Although it’s tempting to straighten your thick hair at the highest heat setting, it’s best to check which temperature is suitable for your hair using our Temperature Calculator.

6. Thick lob

Such a simple style to achieve, yet ultra-glam, the long bob (or lob) is cut just above the collarbone. Styled with a side or centre parting, this versatile style is perfect for any occasion, from boardroom to school run.

7. Thick asymmetrical blunt bob

Show off your beautiful thick hair with a blunt cut. If you want a softer vibe, ask your stylist to nibble at the ends with the scissors. Add a side parting to create an extra thick curtain for added drama.

8. Thick pixie cut with fringe

If you’re looking for a super low-maintenance style for your thick hair, look no further than the pixie. Your stylist can thin your hair by adding some shaping layers, and you can make the most of your abundant hair by bringing a fringe forward to frame your face. Carry the Mini Iron on the go to keep your fringe looking fresh from wherever.


9. Thick bob with side fringe

Thicker, voluminous hair looks great when styled as a bob. Add a sweeping side fringe to add an extra edge. Tuck it behind your ear or secure it with a bobby pin for variations on this look. Keep your side fringe sleek with the help of the CLOUD NINE Mini Iron - its thinner plates are designed to keep bangs in check.

Short Curly Hair

Whether your curls are natural, permed or you want to create your own curls, there are many perfect short styles to try. From a super short pixie to a bouncy bob, taking weight off your hair will help your curls to shine. 

From defining your natural curls to creating bouncy coils, the CLOUD NINE Texture Wand could be your next go-to curling wand. With its smaller-than-average barrel, you can achieve tiny, springy curls with minimal effort. Always use a heat protection spray like our Magical Potion before using heated styling tools on your hair and check out our Temperature Calculator to make sure you’re using the correct heat setting for your delicate curls.

10. Curly side part bob

Embrace your beautiful natural curls by opting for a bouncy bob haircut. Styled with a side parting, this is a timeless look that suits any occasion and helps your curls to truly turn heads.

11. Curly pixie cut

For the ultimate low-maintenance curly hairstyle, opt for a short pixie crop. Styled longer on top than the sides, push the top section off to one side to create an elegant silhouette that will turn heads. Perfect those tight curls on top using the CLOUD NINE Texture Wand.

12. Curly undercut

A brave, bold look, the undercut is the perfect way to showcase your natural curls. By shaving the back and sides and keeping a longer top section, you can bring your curls across your forehead to frame your face.

13. Curly stacked pixie

The stacked pixie uses layers and different lengths to create a softer silhouette than a blunt bob style. Let your curls fall wherever they want for an abundantly curly look, and keep the texture in check using the CLOUD NINE Texture Wand.


Short Wavy Hair

Short styles for wavy hair are the perfect match. They enhance your hair's texture, giving it depth and dimension. Shorter cuts help save time in your daily routine, plus they feel light and cool – ideal for active days or warm weather. 

Achieve that gorgeous loose wave look even if your hair is straight by using the CLOUD NINE Curling Wand. Before using any heated styling tool, it’s best to give your hair a spritz with a heat protection spray like our Magical Potion

14. Wavy pixie cut

Wavy hair was made for a short pixie cut. Style with a cool headband or headscarf for an extra dimension. Shape and style to perfection with the CLOUD NINE Mini Iron - it’s made for shorter hair. 

15. Wavy asymmetrical pixie cut

Add a touch of flair to the classic pixie cut by keeping one side much longer than the other. Bring this long section across your face for an edgy cool look. Simply tuck it behind your ear or pin it back for a variation on this style.

16. Curly bob

Cut close to the jawbone, face-framing waves are perfect for the bob haircut. Swept across the face with a side parting, this look is super elegant for any occasion.

17. Wavy asymmetrical bob

An asymmetrical bob was made for wavy hair. Styled longer at the front than at the back, allow your waves to frame your face. A side parting works even better for a more offbeat look. Gorgeous. 


Short Straight Hair

Straight hair gives you a sleek and polished canvas for a variety of chic and sophisticated looks. Whether you're aiming for a classic bob, a trendy pixie cut, or a sleek lob, we've got you covered with a range of gorgeous low-maintenance options. 

If your hair isn’t naturally straight, turn to the CLOUD NINE Wide Iron Pro for perfect smooth hair. First, spritz with our Magical Potion, then work the straighteners through your hair in sections to achieve a gorgeous sleek finish. All our Irons come with Variable Temperature Control, putting you in charge of the heat on your hair. To find out the optimum heat for your hair, check out our Temperature Calculator

18. Straight asymmetrical bob

Keep one side extra long for an asymmetrical bob with a difference. Perfect with straight hair, the layers in this look create a natural curve that accentuates your neck and jawbone. 

19. Straight classic bob with a curtain fringe

Short blunt haircuts are super low-maintenance, especially if you have straight hair. Add a centre parting with a curtain fringe for added drama. If you're seeking a sleek and sophisticated look, this haircut is tailor-made for you.

20. Straight inverted bob

Add texture to your straight hair with an inverted bob. Cut longer at the front than at the back, this style cups your jawline and is the ultimate cool look.

21. Straight pixie cut

A classic short haircut that adds texture to straight hair is the pixie cut. Shaped around your face with a long side fringe, the pixie is perfect for highlighting your cheekbones and drawing attention to your eyes. Add a touch of glam with a pair of statement earrings or a stylish headband. Keep it sleek with the CLOUD NINE Mini Iron.

22. Straight pixie mullet

For something a bit different, go for a pixie mullet. Styled shorter on the sides and longer at the back and on top, this one is perfect for an edgier vibe. Bring the top section down across your forehead for a shaggy fringe.


Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

It’s a myth that people with round faces shouldn’t go for a short crop. We’ve rounded up our favourite low-maintenance short styles that work perfectly to add definition to a round face. Look out for a style that will make your face look longer and draw attention to your neck and eyes. 

23. Bob with side-swept fringe

A bob is best suited for a rounder face. A side parting can also work wonders, framing your face and drawing attention away from its roundness. Our Mini Iron works wonders for styling side-swept fringes to perfection.

24. Textured crop

The textured crop adds height on top, balancing out the roundness of your face and drawing attention upwards towards your eyes.

25. Asymmetrical pixie

A pixie cut with an asymmetrical fringe can give definition to your face and is perfect if you want to cover a larger forehead. Ask your stylist to chop in some layers to add volume and movement for a stunning silhouette.



Life can get busy, and spending hours on intricate hairstyles isn't always possible. That's why we've picked a collection of low-maintenance mid-length hairstyles that will have you looking fabulous in no time. Whether you're juggling work and family, or just prefer simplicity, check out these styles to help you rock your mid-length hair.

Mid-Length Fine or Thin Hair

The best styles mid-length styles for fine or thin hair are ones that give the illusion of thicker or more voluminous hair. A great option is a layered bob, where layers are strategically cut to create the illusion of thicker hair and provide movement. Another choice is a textured lob (long bob), which adds dimension and fullness without overwhelming fine strands. Incorporating soft waves or curls can also give the appearance of thicker hair while adding texture and volume. There’s also the option of a blunt cut with minimal layering, which can create the illusion of denser hair by eliminating wispy ends. 

Taking care of your fine or thin hair is key when using heat to style. That’s why we’ve developed the Temperature Calculator so you can take charge of the heat you’re applying to your hair. The great news is that all CLOUD NINE’s heated styling tools come with Variable Temperature Control so you can style your fine hair at a temperature that suits it perfectly.

For tips on how to look after fine, delicate menopausal hair, head to our blog where Gabby Logan gives her nine top hair tips for midlife hair.

26. Mid-length hair with flicked ends

Create a textured look by styling your hair with a flick at the end. This can be achieved by using a straightening iron like the CLOUD NINE 2-in-1 Contouring Iron Pro by simply running the iron through your hair and gently curling the ends of your hair. Always use a heat protection spray like our Magical Potion to help protect your fine hair before styling.

27. Medium cut with layers

This medium cut with feathery layers is ideal for adding texture and shape to thin hair. Style half-up half-down for a variation on the style, or simply whip up into a ponytail and allow a few tendrils to drape down at the front.

28. Mid-length textured lob

The lob – or long bob – is a shoulder-length style that lends itself to a wavy texture. If your hair is naturally wavy, simply scrunch it as you dry it and leave it to do its thing. If your hair lacks a natural kink, try giving your hair a spritz of a heat protector spray like our Magical Potion followed by sectioning and using our Curling Wand to add gorgeous waves.

 Mid-Length Layered Hair

Layers are brilliant for adding volume and texture to medium-length hair. They are achieved by chopping into the hair to remove weight and you end up with different hair lengths, which make layers perfect for a quick up-do as you can tease out some tendrils at the front for a gorgeous face-framing look.

To take care of your layers, we recommend using a heat protection spray every time you apply heat to your hair – try our Magical Potion. Looking after your mid-length layers has never been easier, especially with our 2-in-1 Contouring Iron Pro which is designed to straighten or add a wave to your hair. The great news is that our Irons come with mineral-infused Floating Ceramic Plates and Revive ModeTM technology which help keep your layers protected and healthy.

29. Symmetrical face-framing layers

Achieve a soft, textured look by cutting chin-length, shorter layers around the front of your face. A centre parting keeps this look ultra low-maintenance and you can even add a wave or two for a relaxed, beachy style.

30. Mid-length textured lob

Keep the ends blunt for this lob (long bob) with some long layers chopped in for added softness. This style is perfect for thin or fine hair as it can add the appearance of more volume for a boosted silhouette.

31. Mid-length choppy shag

This layered style is about choppy, disconnected layers rather than the smoother, more graduated layered style. For this edgy look, go for much shorter layers and a fringe. It works great with naturally wavy hair. Use our Waving Wand to achieve chilled loose waves.

Mid-length Thick Hair

The beauty of medium-length thick hair is its versatility – whether it's sleek and straight, elegantly curled, or beautifully waved. Beyond its adaptability, the voluminous texture of thick mid-length hair gives the impression of healthy, shiny hair. From casual chic to red-carpet glamour, we’ll show you the ultimate low-maintenance hairstyles to try.

32. Sleek lob for thick hair

For a sleek, straight look, go for the lob (long bob) hairstyle with blunt ends. Simply tuck it behind your ear and wear it down for a classic low-maintenance style. Perfect for any occasion and easy to whip up into a hair bobble for a ponytail or half-up half-down style.

33. Highlighted waves on thick hair

Add an extra dimension to your thick hair by having highlights applied by your stylist. Paired with a wavy style, having different colours rippling through your hair is the ultimate beautiful low-maintenance look.

34. Face-framing layers for thick hair

Use the CLOUD NINE Curling Wand to add bounce to the front and ends of your thick hair for a gorgeous face-framing look.


Mid-Length Curly Hair

Whether you have natural curls or want to add your own, medium-length hair is great for curls. It’s not too long and not too short, meaning it’s easily pushed back into a ponytail or half-up half-down do, depending on what you’re up to.

If your hair is naturally curly, you can create beautiful definition by using a diffuser. Our Airshot Pro has a diffuser attachment, plus a range of flow settings and Variable Temperature Control to help you achieve perfect bouncy curls. Head to our blog for our advice on how to use a hair diffuser – it could revolutionise your curly hair routine.

35. Curly hair with a centre part

This look is perfect for shiny, diffused curls. Simply part your hair in the centre so your curls fall evenly on either side of your face. If your hair gets in your way, bring both sides backward and pin for a fuss-free half-up half-down style.

36. Curly hair with a side part

Add a slice of drama with a bouncy side part, bringing your curls across your face. Go for an even deeper side parting (pulling even more hair across your head) to achieve a gorgeous silhouette.

37. Curly fringe

Be inspired by the 80s perm with a beautiful curly fringe. If your hair is naturally curly, this cut is best done as a dry cut to shape your curls around your face. Wear down or up in a high ponytail to really show off your curls. Keep the CLOUD NINE Mini Iron on hand for quick touch-ups.

Mid-length Wavy Hair

There’s no doubt about it – waves are IN. From textured beach waves to tousled loose curls, these hairstyles will help you to showcase natural or styled waves. Our Curling Wand is perfect for DIY waves - simply leave the curls to drop into waves before spraying with hairspray to hold. As always, it’s best to use a heat protection product before adding heat to your hair – try our Magical Potion.

38. Mid-length textured waves

A centre-parted mid-length style is perfect for showing off your mid-length waves. Style with a texture spray or cream for an ultra-relaxed vibe.

39. Mid-length U-shape cut

By leaving your wavy hair longer at the back than at the front, you create a U-shape cut. This gives a softer appearance and works really well as a loose style or half-up half-down look.

40. Mid-length inverted lob

This is the opposite of the U-shape cut as the hair is left longer at the front than at the back. This look can be worn with a centre or side parting for extra versatility – go for a deep side parting to sweep one side of your hair across your face for a dramatic look.

41. Mid-length choppy layers with fringe

Fringes are fantastic for framing your face and work especially well for fine hair to add the illusion of more volume. Ask your stylist to cut your fringe with tapered sides for a seamless transition into the longer waves. For everyday styling, rely on the Mini Iron to keep that face-framing fringe in check.


Mid-length Straight Hair

Mid-length straight hair is perfect for all occasions. Sleek, smooth and sophisticated, it just works. We’ve got our top pick of gorgeous straight hairstyles to show off your medium-length hair to its maximum shine potential.

If you’re straightening your hair, we would always recommend using a heat protection spray first, like our Magical Potion. The great news is all our Irons are fitted with Variable Temperature Control, putting you in charge of the heat you apply to your hair. Check out our Temperature Calculator to work out the optimum heat setting to achieve gorgeous straight hair. We recommend our 2-in-1 Contouring Iron Pro – the perfect styling tool for beautiful straight hair.

42. Straight lob

For a super sleek look, go for a lob (long bob). Easily adapted to a half-up half-down style or full ponytail updo, this is a great haircut for straight medium-length hair. 

43. Centre part with straight waterfall layers

One of the most iconic hairstyles of the 90s, the ‘Rachel’ from Friends cut, is back with a modern twist. For super straight hair, having some layers chopped in at the front can bring a natural curve that frames your face.

44. Straight hair with a side part

If your straight hair is on the thinner side, a side parting could be perfect for you. By bringing some hair over from one side to the other, you can add definition and the illusion of volume. 



Long hair equates to timeless beauty. From bouncy curls to mermaid waves and everything in between, long hair offers a playground for creativity – the possibilities are endless. We’ve collected a range of fuss-free but beautiful long hair looks to suit all hair types. 

The ends of long hair are older than hair nearer the root, so it’s important to care for your long hair. When styling long hair, it’s best to use a heat protection product like our Magical Potion before applying heat. Whether you’re using our Airshot Pro hair dryer for a salon-worthy blow dry, our Wide Iron for a long sleek look, or our Curling Wand for beautiful curls and waves, all our heated styling products come with Variable Temperature Control and other haircare technology.

Long Fine or Thin Hair

Whether you’ve always had fine hair or it’s become thinner and drier during menopause. We’ve got the lowdown on long hairstyles for you. To protect fine hair, it’s best to use nourishing hair care products enriched with hydrating ingredients like argan oil or keratin to maintain moisture. Regular trims and careful use of heat-styling tools will help to prevent split ends.

45. Long fine hair with a centre part

A simple centre parting could be the perfect way to showcase your gorgeous fine hair. Tuck one side behind your ear or wear half-up half-down for a fuss-free, elegant style.

46. Soft layers for fine hair

Frame your face with soft layers to add an extra dimension to long fine hair. The shorter layers will encourage your fine hair to curve in different directions, giving a more textured look.

47. Fine hair with a wispy fringe

Add a fringe to a blunt-ended long style to add the illusion of more volume. A wispy, choppy fringe will give a more relaxed feel, and a straight, blunt fringe will offer a more uniform, sophisticated look.


Long Thick Hair

You can do so much with long thick hair. Its envious volume offers tonnes of hairstyling options, from flowing waves to a gorgeous sleek curtain. 

Styling thick hair is a breeze with the right styling tools. For the perfect salon-worthy blow try, our Airshot Pro hair dryer is the ideal tool for the job. Cut the time it takes to straighten your long thick hair by using our Wide Iron – its wider plates help you to straighten larger sections at a time. For help with understanding the best temperature for your thick hair, head to our Temperature Calculator.

48. Butterfly cut on thick hair

This beautiful 70s-inspired look is perfect for long, thick hair. Ask your stylist to add a range of layers at the front, then do a bouncy blow dry with a barrel brush such as our Luxury Round Brush. Handle touch-ups between washes with the CLOUD NINE Original Hot Brush.

49. Highlighted waves on thick hair

Add highlights to your hair to take advantage of the natural texture. Ask your hairdresser to round off the bottom of your hair at the back for a softer vibe.

50. Thick hair with a curtain fringe

Give off relaxed, cool vibes with a curtain fringe chopped into your long waves. Forget the layers for this one and go for all one length, adding texture with the CLOUD NINE Curling Wand or scrunching while blow drying.

51. Thick hair with a blunt fringe

Make the most of your thick hair by having a blunt fringe chopped in. Let your hair loose and flowing for a cool, low-maintenance look. Keep your fringe looking sleek after and between washes with the CLOUD NINE Mini Iron.


 Long Straight Hair

There’s something timeless and elegant about long straight hair. Check out our round-up of beautiful low-maintenance hairstyles for long straight hair below.

52. Long straight layers

Long layers are really low-maintenance because you won’t need the ends trimmed often to maintain the style. Have some layers cut around your shoulders to add a natural curve and part in the centre for a classic look.

53. Centre parted long hair

Style your mane of long hair with a simple middle parting and bring both sides of your hair over your shoulders to really show off the length. Tuck it behind an ear or wear in a low side ponytail if you need it off your face.

54. Long fringe

Style your long hair with a long fringe to cup your face. This look is gorgeous in a ponytail too. Keep your long fringe neat and tidy with the help of the Mini Iron - perfect for touching up and taming smaller sections of hair.


Long Curly Hair

If you’re lucky enough to be born with gorgeous curly hair, you’ll know it offers tonnes of volume and texture. Its long length allows for a range of different styles, from casual to more stylised looks. We’ve got a range of low-maintenance yet striking looks for your gorgeous long curls.

55. Side parted curly hair

Boost your curly silhouette with a side parting to sweep your hair across your face. Go for a deep side part for extra drama. To keep your hair from your face, you could style it with a wide headband or headscarf.

56. Bouncy curly fringe

For added volume, go for a curly fringe and long layers. A fringe is perfect for framing your face and providing a softer vibe.

57. Curly hair with a straight fringe

Mix up the texture of your hair by adding a straight fringe to your long curly look. This works especially well if you want to tie your hair up into a ponytail or messy bun. Keep your straight fringe looking sleek and polished with the CLOUD NINE Mini Iron.


Long Wavy Hair

Gentle, soft waves add a touch of romantic elegance to any look – from beachy waves to cascading curves. We’ve got the perfect low-maintenance looks for long wavy hair, whether you’re seeking a relaxed and carefree vibe or something more polished. 

58. Wavy hair with a centre part

Showcase your gorgeous waves with long layers and a centre parting. If using a wand like our Curling Wand, style your waves away from your face to set the waves back. Bring both sides over the front of your shoulders for a fuller look.

59. Wavy hair with a deep side part

Allow a long curtain of hair to cascade in front of your shoulder with an elegant deep side parting. Tuck one side behind your shoulder to show off your neck, collarbone, and a great pair of statement earrings. Instant Hollywood glamour.

60. Wavy hair with a soft curtain fringe

Add extra softness to your long waves with a curtain fringe. Ask your stylist to cut your fringe slightly longer than your eyebrow to maximise this gorgeous look. Keep your style going longer by touching up with the Original Hot Brush - it makes the perfect second-day styler.



Embracing your hair’s natural texture should be easy and fuss-free. Here, we aim to show you simple hairstyles that suit curly or wavy hair of different thicknesses. Whether you're a seasoned curly hair veteran or just starting to explore your waves, we’ll guide you through simple yet stylish looks that accentuate the beauty of your curls and waves.

One of the best ways to boost your curls – whatever their length or curl type – is to use a diffuser when drying your hair. Check out our blog on how to use a hair diffuser for tips on how to use a diffuser properly to define your curls or encourage a wave to form in your hair.


Fine Curly Hair 

Curly hair doesn’t always equal thick hair. If your hair is curly but the strands themselves are quite thin or fine, we’ve got three gorgeous hairstyles for you to try.

61. Pixie cut on fine curly hair

Go short to give the illusion of more volume. This pixie cut with a high fringe draws attention upwards to your eyes. Style with a thin headband or embellished hair slide to add a fancy edge for a special occasion. Tighten those curls with the help of the CLOUD NINE Texture Wand.

62. Inverted bob on fine curly hair

Celebrate the lightness of your curls by asking your stylist to cut them into a stylish bob, leaving the front section slightly longer than the back. Once styled, this is a fuss-free look that shows off your neckline and can be easily tucked behind an ear to keep out of your eyes.

63. Short bob on fine curly hair

A jawbone-skimming bob is a great length for fine curls. Part to the side to give more volume to your thinner hair. Simply gorgeous. Maintain the texture and volume of your curls using the CLOUD NINE Texture Wand.


Thick Curly Hair

If your hair is thick, it’s likely to be a type 3 curl. Type 3 hair encompasses three subtypes: 3A, 3B, and 3C. Type 3A curls are loose and springy, 3B curls are tighter and more voluminous, and 3C curls are more densely packed, corkscrew or zig-zag curls.

64. Side-parted lob on thick curly hair

The perfect style for 3A curls, this is ideal for medium-length hair. With your hair just brushing your shoulder, there’s enough weight to keep the curls anchored without them being too flyaway.

65. Fringed lob on thick curly hair

If your curls are 3B, this mid-length style is perfect for maintaining the bounce and energy of your curls while making them easy to handle.

66. Pixie with burst on thick curly hair

For 3C curls, why not go for a shorter style for a bolder look with shaved sides? Accessorised with a hair scarf or thick headband, this is the perfect fuss-free style for tighter curls.


Fine Wavy Hair 

We’ve rounded up three gorgeous fuss-free styles perfect for fine wavy hair. These styles give the impression of more volume, without reducing the softness of your waves.

67. Bob with layers on fine wavy hair

Opting for one-length bobs can be a game-changer for thin hair, creating the illusion of thickness. Add layers to add texture and fullness. Incorporate a few subtle highlights for added depth.

68. Lob with long fringe on fine wavy hair

Give your fine wavy hair a softer edge by adding a long layered fringe to frame your face. This mid-length style is perfect for showing off the gentle curves of your wavy hair. Keep it styled to perfection with the help of the Mini Iron, designed with smaller plates to keep fringes in check.

69. Messy chop on fine wavy hair

Inject some texture and body to your thin, fine hair by chopping in some layers. Forget graduated softness, this look is all about choppy, blunt ends.

70. Pixie cut on fine wavy hair

Go for the chop to make your fine hair look more volumised. Better still, keep the top section a bit longer and bring some of your waves across your face to give the illusion of bountiful waves.

Thick Wavy Hair 

Thick wavy hair benefits from thinning styles like invisible waves which help to add shape and texture. Embrace your natural waves by trying one of our top three recommended hairstyles for your thick wavy hair.

71. Thick wavy hair with a centre part

Embrace the fullness of your thick wavy hair by going for a centre part. The waves will form a natural frame around your face, giving definition to your cheekbones and chin. Wear across the front of your shoulders for added fullness or tuck behind your shoulders to give more space for your neckline.

72. Inverted lob on thick wavy hair

Take some weight from your hair by asking your stylist to cut your hair shorter at the back than at the front. Waves are perfect for this style because they catch the light in different ways and show off the colours and shadows of your hair.

73. Thick wavy hair with a choppy fringe

Ask your stylist to give you a choppy fringe and some shorter layers on top to take some of the weight out of your hair and create a fresher look. Texturise your fringe using the Mini Iron for best daily results.

Frizzy Hair

If you’re constantly fighting frizz and struggling to find a low-maintenance style for your hair, look no further. We’ve selected three great fuss-free styles for helping to reduce frizz.

74. Half messy bun

Pull the top section of your hair into a ponytail, then wrap the hair around it to create a messy bun. Secure with a second hair bobble or bobby pins. For extra messiness, tease out some tendrils to hang down at the back

75. Half-up braid

You don’t have to be a plait or braid expert to pull off this look. Simply pull back your hair from your face and split it into three sections, then plait in the French (bring each section over and into the middle) or Dutch way (where you tuck each section under the other). Finish with a small hair bobble and tease out the braid for extra volume.

76. Messy bun

For the quintessential low-maintenance hairstyle, go for a messy bun. It’s supposed to be messy, so you can safely disguise your frizzy hair. Use our silk scrunchie set to tie your hair back in a healthy and snag-free way.

Coily / 4C hair

Your gorgeous springy coils should be showcased to the world, and we’ve found three brilliant styles that do just that – requiring as little maintenance as possible. The most low-maintenance hairstyle for 4C curls would be to leave them as nature intended, but this type of curl can require a lot of TLC. Check out our ultimate guide to 4C hair for more tips on how to care for your delicate curls.

77. Box braids

Box braids involve sectioning the hair into small, square-shaped segments before individually braiding each one. Once your stylist has braided your hair, it’s a really low-maintenance style, making it a good way to protect your hair while looking gorgeous. 

78. Twists

Another low-manipulation, low-maintenance style for 4C curls is the twist look. Perfect for most hair lengths, the twist style allows you to keep some volume in your hair without having the hassle of styling it daily. Worn up or down, or somewhere in between, twists are a great fuss-free style.

79. Bantu knots

Bantu knots involve dividing hair into sections, tightly twisting or knotting each for small, rounded buns. Another protective style, it’s super low-maintenance once the knots are in place.



Which is the most low-maintenance hair colour?

The most low-maintenance hair colour typically depends on your natural hair colour and how closely you want to stay to it. Generally, shades that are closer to your natural colour or those that blend seamlessly with your roots require less frequent touch-ups. Also, hair colouring techniques like balayage or ombre, where the colour gradually transitions from darker roots to lighter ends, can be low-maintenance because they allow for more natural root growth without obvious lines of demarcation. Overall, it's best to consult with a professional hair colourist to find the most low-maintenance hair colour option that suits you.

Which is the most low-maintenance hair type?

Thicker and straighter hair types tend to require less maintenance compared to thinner or curlier hair types. Straight hair often air-dries easily and requires less styling time, while thicker hair can hold styles longer and may not need to be washed as frequently. The key is to practise a few different styling methods to work out which low-maintenance styles and routines are best for your hair and your lifestyle.

Which is the most low-maintenance hair length?

Shorter hair lengths, such as pixie cuts or short bobs, tend to require less maintenance compared to longer lengths. Short hair is often easier to wash, style, and maintain on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, short haircuts may require fewer styling products and less time to dry. However, the most low-maintenance hair length ultimately depends on your own preferences and how much time and effort you want to spend on your hair.


Low-maintenance. High style.

Finding the perfect low-maintenance hairstyle tailored to your hair type, length, and face shape is easier than you think. Whether you rock a short, mid-length, or long look, simplicity doesn't have to mean sacrificing style. Be unstoppable.

For more tips and ideas for low-maintenance hair, or to share your hair hacks, join us on our socials TikTok, Instagram or Facebook. For more Unstoppable style tips, head to our styling guides.