Gabby Logan's Nine Top Hair Tips For Midlife

Meet the expert

Marie Nieuwoudt is an award-winning Group Education Manager at CLOUD NINE. With 38 years’ experience and training from top brands such as L’Oréal and Schwarzkopf, she's a renowned judge for beauty awards and has taught globally for over 24 years. 

Gabby Logan is one of the UK’s most prominent and best loved sports presenters. With a career spanning stints in radio, ITV, and now BBC, she's covered major events like the World Cup and Olympics. She currently hosts the BBC’s flagship sport programme Inside Sport on BBC One.

“When our hair feels good, we add 10% to how good we feel inside as well.”

When it comes to boosting confidence, Broadcaster & Podcast Host Gabby Logan knows a thing or two about the power of healthy, beautiful hair. As a regular face on our TV screens, Gabby is no stranger to the stylist’s chair. From a bouncy blow-dry to glamourous curls, her hair has seen it all.

But style isn’t just about looking good on camera. It’s about feeling good too – inside as well as out. That’s why taking care of her hair’s health has become a priority for Gabby.

Gabby recently sat down for an exclusive chat with CLOUD NINE Group Education Manager Marie Nieuwoudt about haircare. Here she reveals her top tips for keeping her hair healthy and glowing as she enters her sixth decade.

Gabby's Top Tips

  • Embrace the beauty of your evolving hair
  • Turn down the heat
  • Use a curling wand
  • Apply products mindfully
  • Give your hair a break
  • Embrace your natural look
  • Trim your ends regularly
  • Feed your hair

1. Embrace the beauty of your evolving hair

Gabby Said:

"Midlife hair? How is it different to young hair? I have no idea! Then I started noticing small changes in the mirror - my hair felt thinner and less luscious. It felt like the texture changes, too - perhaps that's because a few greys started to come through. I also started to notice my hair was reacting differently to heat treatments, and not feeling as strong and durable as it once did"

Marie said:

"These changes are all a perfectly natural part of the ageing process as hormonal changes cause cell production to slow down. This means the length of the hair growth cycle gets shorter, the diameter of the hair follicles gets smaller, and the scalp can become drier.

"Also, the quantity and the amount of hair deteriorates as the follicle (which anchors each hair to the skin) ages. The hair can also stop producing colour pigment, so you can get more greys and may experience thinning. Embracing these changes is the first step towards taking care of your hair so it can ages as gracefully as you do."

2. Turn down the heat

Gabby said:

There’s a lot of styling involved in my TV work, and I realised my hair couldn’t quite sustain the level of heat it used to. I had a few incidents where bits of my hair broke off because of excessive heat styling, and I realised I had to pay more attention to how I was treating it. That led me to start choosing products that had lower heat settings available. CLOUD NINE’s Variable Temperature Control technology is perfect for my hair in that respect because I know the exact temperature that I’m exposing my hair to.

“My favourite CLOUD NINE product is The 2-in-1 Contouring Iron Pro which has curved plates, so you can both curl your hair and use it as a straightener. It glide seamlessly through the hair thanks to Revive Mode, which feeds the hair between the plates with less friction and, of course, comes with Variable Temperature Control. I know I need to set it somewhere around 150°C for the best results.  

“It’s also just so easy to use. It’s very light and the nice, pleasing sound of the vibrating really feels like you’re doing good for your hair.”

 Use our Temperature Calculator to find out which heat settings are best for you and your hair.

 Marie said:

It’s absolutely right to embrace your hair’s new needs by adapting her hair styling approach. That lovely vibrating sound is created by CLOUD NINE’s signature Revive Mode, which breaks the cycle of breakage with Axial Vibration™ technology. Once activated, the temperature is pre-set to 150°C and the plates vibrate at maximum frequency to feed hair between them with minimum friction. No drag. No snag. Perfect for fragile hair at any age.”


Gabby said:

In the old days, I used to be able to leave my curly hair alone and it would have quite a nice, natural, bouncy curl. However, I think after using heat and hair dyes for years, the shape and structure of my curls have changed. It may also have to do with age because the hair feels a little bit dryer as you get older. Nowadays, I need a little more help to get my curls just how I like them.

“Today I’ve used The CLOUD NINE Curling Wand, which has Variable Temperature Control, and the barrel is infused with Sericite minerals which add shine.”

 Marie said:

Let’s turn to science to help explain what happens to curly hair with age, dyes, and heat damage. Basically, hair strands are composed of a protein called keratin, which contains amino acid chains that form into unique patterns. Curly hair typically has more oval shaped follicles, which cause the hair to curl as it grows out of the scalp. With age, the production of natural oils and proteins that help maintain the elasticity and shape of hair decreases, leading to changes in curl patterns.

 “Additionally, chemical processes such as hair dyeing and excessive heat styling can damage the hair cuticle, causing it to lose moisture and elasticity, which can result in changes to the curl pattern, including loosening of curls or even straightening. To care for curls, it's important to use moisturising and nourishing hair products specifically designed for curly hair types. This includes sulphate-free shampoos, moisturising conditioners, and leave-in treatments to help maintain hydration and elasticity.

“If you’d like to define the curls you were born with or want to create a different kind of curl, we recommend trying a curling wand. Featuring unstoppable technology that’s kind to hair, The CLOUD NINE Curling Wand has Variable Temperature Control from 125°C to 175°C for a range of hair types, meaning you can style at the safest temperature that works for you. Because your hair is as unique as you are!”


 Gabby said:

After years and years of colouring my hair and experimenting with different styles, the condition of my hair has been affected. At times, my hair has felt a bit more brittle, like the condition wasn’t as good. That was perhaps due to overusing products as well as exposing it to too much heat. Now, I’m mindful of the products I use to keep it looking shiny and healthy.”

Marie said:

“As our hair changes throughout menopause, the products we once relied on don’t seem to work so we need to reassess what we are using. I recommend treating your hair to a cleansing shampoo to exfoliate and remove dulling product residue. If you’re also concerned about the effects of ageing on your hair, choose one that contains vitamins and minerals to nourish. Follow with a revitalising and smoothing moisture-rich conditioner to protect your hair throughout heat styling and maintain its condition. 

“One product you should never skip, regardless of your hair’s age and condition, is heat protectant. CLOUD NINE’s Magical Quick Dry Potion is the perfect solution – it works wonders to condition hair, protect from heat, and prevent frizz, and flyaways.” 

Follow The CLOUD NINE 9 Day Detox to reset, refresh, and rejuvenate your hair.


Gabby said:

Sometimes I try to give my hair a day off from the heat and apply a hair mask. This is especially true when I’m in a busy period where I’m getting my hair done every day for work, or I've got events in the evening and I know my hair’s going to go through a little bit more rigour. I always make sure I use good quality conditioners, too.” 

Marie said: 

A busy work schedule can take its toll on your hair. It’s a great idea to give your hair a break from heat styling if you can. One of the best ways to combat the drying effects of heat styling is to use a nourishing hair mask or leave in conditioner like the CLOUD NINE Magical Remedy once a week. If you’ve got the time to really give your hair the rest it deserves, follow The CLOUD NINE 9-Day Detox. It’s packed with practical insights into scalp care and hydration tips from expert stylist and salon owner, Mathilde Heather.”


Gabby said:

The main struggle I’ve had over the years with my hair is with the fact that it’s very curly. I often want to tame those curls. That means I’ve got to blow dry and put straighteners through it. Making sure I can keep the condition good while still having the style that I want is a balance. Sometimes I resist the urge to fight my hair, and embrace my natural curls rather than opting for heat styled waves every day.” 

Marie said:

When it comes to hair, we often find ourselves wanting the opposite of what we have. Born with bouncing curls? You probably envy the super sleek, shiny hair of your friends. Naturally poker-straight? You’d probably give anything for just a hint of a wave. While it’s fun to play around with your style, curling, crimping and straightening until you get the desired effect, sometimes it is best to give your hair a break. Just remember, someone out there craves the hair you’re naturally blessed with! Show it some love. Let it shine.” 


 Gabby said:

To protect my hair from too much heat styling, I vary my hairstyle choices a little bit. For me, that means not always going for the sleekly styled waves that require a full blow dry and straighteners to achieve. Although I’m having my hair done a lot at work, I want to feel that I’m still able to achieve a look I’m happy with from home. That means making different styling choices off-screen so I can maintain my hair’s quality and condition.”

Marie said: 

We’ve all got a signature look, but variety is the spice of life. A simple up-do can be a lifesaver for heat-damaged hair. By embracing protective styles like twists or braids, you can minimise hair manipulation and reduce the need for heat styling products when you do choose to turn on the curlers or straighteners. CLOUD NINE silk scrunchies are also a snag-free way to tie hair up, reducing frizz and split ends.”


Gabby said:

I make sure I have regular trims at the hairdresser to keep my hair looking and feeling healthy. It’s something that everyone has heard before, but for good reason. It definitely makes a difference to the overall look and feel.” 

Marie said:

While there are several ways you can look after your hair at home, it’s still worth visiting a hair salon for a professional haircut regularly. 

“Visiting a hairdresser is about more than just removing split ends or tidying up your layers. It can be beneficial to build a relationship with a stylist, who has the expertise to spot things that you wouldn’t necessarily notice yourself. Whether it’s patches of thinning hair or a change in texture or condition, they can offer valuable advice and help you evolve your hair care routine to suit.  

“Your stylist can also make personalised recommendations about products and techniques for styling and caring as your hair ages. A good stylist is for life, not just a haircut.” 


Gabby said:

I try my best to keep up good nutrition, as maintaining the health and condition of my hair is really important. It’s not just about the styling, products, and heat I use externally on my hair – it’s important to give it the treatment it needs from the inside out.”

Marie said:

Like all aspects of our body, from our skin and nails to our internal organs, a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals can help to keep hair looking and feeling its best.  

“Nourish your hair from root to tip with a diet rich in nutrients like salmon (omega-3 fatty acids), eggs (protein, biotin, B vitamins), spinach (iron, vitamins A and C, folate), avocado (vitamins E and B, healthy fats), and sweet potatoes (beta-carotene). Nuts and seeds (omega-3s, zinc, selenium) nourish hair follicles – promoting strength
and shine.

“Staying hydrated is crucial – water aids in nutrient transport to the scalp and hair follicles, ensuring they stay nourished and hydrated from within. Aim to drink plenty of water daily to maintain optimal hydration levels for feel-good, healthy hair.

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