The perfect beach braid to complete your holiday look.

Last month we jetted to Mexico to join Benefit Cosmetics on the island of Holbox. Our team got to work fixing up the perfect holiday hair for the 11 insta-chicks who were part of the trip. Think braids, curls and all things in between – we left the girls On Cloud Nine!

If you are looking for that holiday hair-inspiration, look no further. A chic Dutch braid with some added WOW factor? Yes please. We got Cloud Nine Style Ambassador, Ashleigh Hodges on the job.

Using our Airshot Hairdryer and mineral-infused Micro Iron to add in that extra detail, Hodges worked her magic with our low heat styling tools to complete the look. It was all sun and games!

Want your own experience of Hair Heaven? Ashleigh shares how to get the look:


1. Spritz the hair with Cloud Nine magical potion to protect and shield the hair from any sun damage. It will add back in any lost moisture, and leave the hair conditioned before styling.

2. Smooth the hair over with the Cloud Nine Airshot, removing any knots and frizz. Then section the hair into a middle parting.

3. Working each strand under itself, create a dutch braid on either side of the head.

4. Gently pull bits of hair away from the braid using the micro iron, to create some lift and achieve a fuller look.

5. Once you are happy with the texture of the dutch braid, use a tint brush to apply gel down the parting. Sprinkle glitter over the gel as you go.

6. Secure the look with a firm hairspray.

7. To add the extra WOW factor, hoop some charms through both braids.

8. Finally, spray a mist of Magical Potion over the complete look to minimize any fly-away and smooth out stray hairs.

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