Thought that colourful hair wraps and braids were reserved for 10-year-old girls on holiday? Think again! We’re loving them right now as they’re so simple, yet so GORGEOUS. The ultimate festival look; they’re quick, easy and cause no unnecessary damage to your hair. What could be better?

To try this look for yourself, all you’ll need is our Micro Wand, clip-on hair beads (we LOVE these ones from Kela) and a few strands of colourful string. If EXTRA is your middle name, try neon string like we’ve used here. For something a little more subtle but still CHIC, you could use pastel pink or white string.


  • To begin, wash your hair as normal. Spritz it with a generous amount of our dreamy-smelling Magical Quick Dry Potion. This WONDER spray reduces drying time by up to 50%, detangles and adds a gorgeous, GLOSSY shine.
  • Next, dry your hair using our Airshot – a 2000W styling powerhouse that features vitamin-infused ceramic heating elements to CARE for your hair whilst styling.
  • To achieve big, bouncy curls, use our NEW Micro Wand to curl your hair.
  • Comb through the curls using our GORGEOUS Luxury Texture Comb for natural-looking curls that will last – even throughout the WILDEST of festivals!  
  • To create your hair braid, start with colourful string that’s an inch or so longer than your hair, and a Kela bead. Place the tip of the string inside the bead and clamp around a strand of hair close to the root.
  • Braid the hair and the string together until you reach around an inch from the bottom of your hair.
  • Secure the end of the braid with another Kela bead.
  • Repeat as many times as you like throughout your hair.
  • Finish by spritzing our amazing Amplify spray onto your roots for the best VOLUME of your life.

If you try this look for yourself, tag us in your pictures using #CloudNineHair. We LOVE seeing the styles you create!

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