Our top tips for keeping your hair healthy this Summer.


The heat of summer days and festival fun can leave hair lifeless and exhausted. Fear not though our Style Ambassadors Jodie Austen has shared a few of her top tips for keeping your hair in top form this Summer.


My top tip hands down is to use Cloud Nine Magic Potion. It contains UV and heat protection and just like your skin, your hair needs to be protected from the sun too! There are a few shampoos and conditioners available that have UV protection as well.


If you suffer from frizz in humidity then go and look at you hair care products. Hair needs moisture and protein and this balance is important when in comes to combating humidity. Choose a professional sulphate free Shampoo and Conditioner, and keep an eye out for your key ingredient glycerin which will naturally moisturise. I prefer to choose a brand that uses natural ingredients - hair is a natural fabric so can be looked after better with natural ingredients. Brands that are packed with chemicals will only make the hair chemistry unstable, are just too harsh and can cause more frizz.

THE 90/10 RULE

When it comes to drying your hair with a hairdryer in the summer, less is more! Just dry to 90% if you're rough drying. Let the warm weather naturally dry the last bit. This way, your hair will hold enough water to stay moisturised for longer.


Headed to the pool? Take this opportunity to treat your locks and rock a wet hair look by applying a moisturising hair masque/conditioner. Not only will it ensure your hair doesn't dry out, the warm weather will open up the cuticles so your hair can drink up all the conditioning goodness. You're topping up your tan and looking after your hair - as if you need even more reason to lay by the pool for longer! And if you do decide to jump in, the masque/conditioner will also give chlorine a harder a time getting through to your locks.

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