How to create waves with Hair Straighteners

The Original Iron Pro White and The Original Iron Pro Pink on a pink background.The Original Iron Pro White and The Original Iron Pro Pink on a pink background.

As summer approaches, we want to show you how to create gorgeous waves with your CLOUD NINE straighteners.

CLOUD NINE Creative Ambassador Casey Coleman provides a demonstration on how to achieve beautiful waves with our Original Iron Pro.

Step-by-step glam waves tutorial

  1. Create small sections and spray with Magical Potion to provide heat protection.
  2. Curl away from the face pulling down and not out to create soft, loose waves and to frame the face.
  3. Curl the hair using the bottom of the plates for a smooth glide through the hair from root to tip.
  4. Repeat each section for the full head of hair.
  5.  Push into each 'dent' of the wave to create an extra bounce for the waves.
  6.  For extra volume, backcomb the under the section of hair on the hairline so that when flipped, it creates extra lift.
  7.  Spray with your favourite setting and texture spray to suit your style and finish!

 Top tips:

  • If using The Original Iron Pro or The Cordless Pro, use revive mode for a lower temp and less friction on the hair.
  • Use CLOUD NINE Croc Clips to hold larger sections of the hair.
  • Use your CLOUD NINE Texture Comb to softly comb through, being careful not to over-brush, as you will have created a nice shine.
  • Add accessories for a feature element to the hair if you like.
  • Push your Tail Comb into the waves on both sides for a final boost and bounce.