Simple Rules for Perfect Curls

Purple image with The Curling Wand and text 'Simple rules: for perfect curls'.Purple image with The Curling Wand and text 'Simple rules: for perfect curls'.

The perfect curl doesn't exi....

We're here to tell you that they do! And we will show you exactly how with this simple tutorial using the CLOUD NINE Curling Wand.

How To Get A Perfect Curl

We love to see how you use your CLOUD NINE tools. And these hints and tips, along with a few of our own, will help you achieve perfect curls with a wand every time!

1. Always use the glove provided when heat styling

2. Spray sections of hair with heat protection when styling

3. Point the Curling Wand downwards when curling

4. Hold the curl and lightly 'scrunch' in your hand before allowing it to drop to secure the curl

5. Spray each curl with your favourite setting spray  

6. Allow curls to cool before you dress your finished look

7. Once cool and you are happy with the curls, lightly comb through with the Luxury Texture Comb to soften (included as a FREE GIFT for a limited time!)

8. Use your favourite finishing product, such as a shine spray or oil, to ensure a gorgeous, complete look!

Tip - check out our tutorial on how to create a cute half-up with our new silken scrunchie, included in our new gift!