For Autumn and World Mental Health Day we wanted to look at the best natural hair masks for a moment of self care that you can get creative, switch off and make using ingredients you will have at home.

As the nights draw in and we see less daylight autumn/winter can be a stressful time so we want you to pamper your hair and yourself to leave you feeling restored, revived and relaxed. 

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coconut oil

Coconut oil has a wide range of benefits for the hair including softening and taming frizz particularly long, thick hair. Rich in vitamin E to encourage hair growth and provide a natural UV filter. Highly moisturising, coconut oil prevents hair from drying out. Melt coconut oil and use the CLOUD NINE Luxury Texture Comb to evenly coat hair and scalp.

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Banana and olive oil

Banana and olive oil blends together to make a gorgeous mask to restore hair - perfect for October. Banana hydrates and provides moisture to dry, damaged, dull hair. Olive oil is rich in healthy fats and vitamin E to leave hair sleek and shiny. Use one ripe banana and a teaspoon of oil and blend until it has a smooth texture. Apply the mask in the shower and leave on for 10 - 15mins before rinsing as normal.

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avacado and olive oil

Avocado's are rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish the hair from damage that can occur from sun exposure or colouring and olive oil adds sleekness and shine. Smash together avo and oil to make a mask that looks good enough to eat (but don't!) and add to split ends. Leave this mask for half an hour - add a face mask as well and have a real pamper session then rinse as normal for beautiful, soft locks :)

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Yoghurt can help tame frizz in the hair as the lactic acid hydrates the hair and moisturises. Add extra ingredients for different benefits such as honey for moisture, avocado for shine or lemon to balance hair and scalp.

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Brown sugar and coconut scalp scrub

Sugar is a gorgeous, gentle, natural way to exfoliate the scalp. Coconut oil stimulates hair growth and both promote scalp health. Using coconut oil on the hair adds shine, prevents split ends and breakage. Mix two tablespoons of brown sugar and one tablespoon of coconut oil and work into the scalp after shampooing and rinse as normal.

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olive and coconut oil

A mix of olive and coconut oil will add super charged shine to the hair and olive oil coats dry ends adding extra moisture and hydration. Warm oil slightly to encourage deeper penetration of the hair, ad a shower cap for extra warmth, leave for ten minutes then wash as normal.


As a brand we always aim to be FIERCELY Kind which is why last year we partnered with mental health charity MIND to create our Kind Collection and donate £10 from every iron from this collection to help make sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone. Our charity irons have now sold out but you can find out more about our partnership and Kindness campaign.

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