It’s a promise we make to all of you, that in everything we do, we will always be fiercely kind. You may have caught our brand video on social (if not, give it a watch above), but we wanted to take this chance to tell you all a bit more about the sentiment behind our fiercely kind ethos.

Back to our roots

We’ve come a long way since we started Cloud Nine in 2009. We’ve seen the hair and beauty industry’s strive for perfection. And we’ve also seen its impact.

We don’t believe in perfect. It hasn’t got the industry anywhere good. It’s confined beauty. It’s made people feel bad.

When we set up Cloud Nine, we wanted to stay away from making people feel they have to look a certain way and just feel beautiful in their own skin.

Kindness gets us a lot further in life than being perfect, so that’s why we choose fiercely kind.

And making a positive impact through our belief.

By being…

Kinder to your hair. With products always created with Kinder Styling Technology. See how our tools are designed with kindness here.

Kinder to the environment. With the industry’s first straightener recycling scheme.

And kinder to everyone. We celebrate all kinds of beauty. We know it comes in many styles. So we give you the tools, you bring your style, expressing who you are, whoever you are.


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