It’s officially party season, which means we’re delivering you the HOTTEST hairstyles to rock at every and any occasion! Today it’s the turn of this AMAZING, big, bouncy afro. We know that naturally curly girls can sometimes feel a little stuck in a rut when it comes to styling their hair, but fear not! Here, we’ve created an easy, GLAMOUROUS style which will ensure you’re the centre of attention at any party. 


  1. Start by prepping your hair using our Magical Quick Dry Potion . This WONDER product PROTECTS hair from styling damage and creates an ULTRA-CONDITIONED glossy finish
  2. Next, blowdry the hair using The Airshot coupled with our Diffuser. The Diffuser works to lift and separate your hair, decreasing frizz, adding VOLUME and helping to highlight your hair’s gorgeous natural texture.
  3. Working in sections, use our AWARD-WINNING Curling Wand to curl strands throughout the hair. Gently pulling these once curled to stretch out the curl and add a GORGEOUS texture
  4. Using our Airshot again, blast the roots to add in more volume.
  5. Finally, use our Luxury Texture Comb to gently backcomb your curls for the BIGGEST, BOUNCIEST hair of your life!

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