Elegant with a touch of sass - the perfect pony!

Our friends at Blow Out Ibiza will once again be on hand all Summer, helping you to look effortlessly fabulous on the Island that never sleeps. They’ll be serving up the hottest hair looks from dusk till dawn using Cloud Nine tools, including 'The Head Turner'

Gone are the days when the ponytail was reserved for a long sesh at the gym. Braids, curls and volume have really changed the game for this classic style. This curly, voluminous pony is elegant with a touch of sass, ideal for a night at Blue Marlin!

Step 1

Prep hair with Mousse and Blow Dry in using The Airshot.

Step 2

Section hair in two or three layers depending on density of your hair. Using the Original Wand curl entire head of hair in sections – scrunch curls while cooling.

Step 3

Take the front top section of hair and backcomb at the root. Secure in a quiff using bobby pins.

Step 4

Secure hair at the crown with an elastic. Take a small section of hair from the pony, wrap around elastic and secure. Brush the curls through using a comb. Using your fingertips tease out hair at the hairline to create texture.

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