The humble braid: AMPLIFIED.

What if we told you that you could achieve this GORGEOUS look using an accessory that costs less than £1? We know – sounds too good to be true!  

Well, it’s true. We’ve got you covered with this GORGEOUS metallic braid. It uses one of the EASIEST, cheapest and most underrated hair accessories… thread! You can pick up some metallic thread like the type we’ve used here in almost any sewing or craft shop for less than £1. Keep reading to see how to create this super simple look, perfect for any hair type or length!


  • To begin, curl your hair into loose, messy waves using our Original Iron, featuring seven temperature settings, meaning you can select the heat best suited to your unique hair type. Ensure you curl in different directions to ensure your hair doesn’t look too uniform. If your hair is naturally curly or textured, simply brush through with your fingers for a gorgeous, tousled look.
  • Next, brush your hair into a side parting, adding a small amount of hair serum to the side you intend to braid for added GLOSS and hold.
  • Create 3 thin French braids in the side of your hair that you slicked back.
  • Taking a blunt needle (safety first ladies!), carefully weave the metallic thread through your braids.
  • Grab The Original Iron and point the Iron upwards and curl through the ends.
  • For extra VOLUME, lightly clamp the root area upwards to give some extra hold.
  • Backcomb at the root and give a final spritz with a firm hold hairspray.

Et voila! GORGEOUS braids – perfect for the summer season. If you do give this style a try, don’t forget to tag us using #CloudNineHair on social media. We LOVE seeing your looks!

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