Do Hair Straighteners Damage your Hair?

Image of someone using the Original Iron on someone else's hair.Image of someone using the Original Iron on someone else's hair.

According to a 2011 survey, a third of all women and one in five men own a hair straightener. Not only that but over a quarter have admitted that they refuse to leave the house without straightening their hair first!

Ceramic hair straighteners first appeared on the scene during the late nineties and transformed the hair industry (and our beauty routine!) practically overnight. Drawing upon our years of expertise and GHD roots, Cloud Nine is committed to designing innovative hair tools that offer a kinder styling solution to those who cannot live without their styled locks.  

The Cloud Nine range of irons incorporates a number of advanced features to help ensure that your tresses don’t have to suffer when it comes to creating the perfect look. The key is to style your hair at the right temperature. From fine textured hair to long, thick locks, our irons' innovative temperature control allows you to create beautiful looks by applying the correct heat you need for your specific hair type.

Each of our irons offers different heat settings. They also all boast our special mineral-coated plates, allowing them to glide smoothly down your hair without catching, leaving your locks with a shiny finish.

Incorporating a heat-protective product, such as our Magical Potion or Magical Duet set into your hair straightening routine will also help protect your hair against heat damage while leaving it feeling soft and nourished.

To further demonstrate our commitment to hair straightener safety, we have teamed up with child safety charity CAPT to develop heatproof mats that can safely help store your iron once you have finished using it.

To find out more unique features, browse our range of hair straighteners here.