How To Use The Texture Wand on Curly Hair

The Curling Wand on a blue patterned background.The Curling Wand on a blue patterned background.

Curly, textured looks with volume are everywhere at the moment and we want to show you how to create, define and style gorgeous curls.

Our CLOUD NINE Creative Ambassador Casey Coleman shows you how to use The Texture Wand on curly hair.

Step-By-Step Guide

The Texture Wand can be used with naturally curly hair to enhance or define or on straight or wavy hair to really embrace a fuller curled look!

  • Separate the hair into small sections (Curly hair can be a bit more fragile if so you can use lower temperatures)
  • Use Magical Potion all over the hair to heat protect
  • Wrap the hair around the wand in sections to create tight curls in opposite directions to the last for a natural look
  • To achieve root lift lift the sections up and curl with the wand with the section in an upright position. To get closer to the root start a few cm down the section to wrap hair around, when fully wrapped curl the wand towards the head to curl that last small section of hair let that fall into your hand for a bouncy curl
  • Adjust the size of the sections and direction of the curl to create different sizes and a natural fall
  • Curl the full head of hair until every section is curled
  • Brush the curls out gently using The Texture Comb to create softness and natural texture
  • Use shine and texturising spray and tease the curls by flipping your head upside down and giving hair a good zhush with the hands to create definition and volume
  • You could end here and keep the hair down or to put the hair up follow these next simples steps:
  • Select random curls around the face to separate and create a frame and faux fringe
  • Brush the hair up to the crown of the head to create lift and volume at the top of the head
  • Use an elastic to secure the hair into place and to let curls fall naturally
  • Use scaffold pins by wrapping the curls around the pin a couple of times and fixing at the scalp to create lift and volume
  • Use texturising spray to finish and to create gorgeous height and voila!

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